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How To Start A REAL Voice Over Business


Here is the recording of the live Q&A teleseminar Harlan Hogan and I conducted earlier this week.

We answered questions about finding work, positioning your business, equipping your studio, the future of ISDN, preferred recording software — whatever was thrown at us.

Class registration closes at 7:59PM (Eastern) on Friday, October 4. If you’re tired of “wishing” or “thinking about it,” join us.

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  • Sparks October 3, 2013, 6:49 am

    This class sounds awesome! Too bad there isn’t some sort of scholarship program or incremental payment system. Unfortunately, I can’t even afford the class that would teach me how to break into the business and make enough money to where I could afford the class. My catch-22. I’m making that entry level radio money, so it’s a no go.

  • Tim Harrison October 3, 2013, 3:27 pm

    Does everything you talk about in the seminar also pertain to Canada?

  • Dan O'Day October 3, 2013, 3:28 pm

    @Tim Harrison: Absolutely. And so does everything we teach in the 4-week class that begins on Monday.