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Effective radio advertising isn’t general; it’s specific.

It doesn’t target a mass audience (even though radio is a mass medium). It targets the people who are most likely to act on the sales message.

And when used properly, radio paints pictures that are both more accurate and more precise than can be shown in a television commercial.


Because unlike a TV ad, effective radio advertising requires the listener’s participation.

A TV commercial typically presents a complete story. A beginning, middle and end…with no room for the viewer to become involved.

The viewer might be entertained.

The viewer might be educated or influenced.

But rarely is the viewer involved with the sales message.

But radio?

Try this.

Picture the cutest child in the world.

I mean it. Take a moment and picture, in your mind’s eye, the absolutely cutest child in the world.

Got that picture?

It’s perfect.

It’s 100% accurate; it’s precise.

And it’s relevant to your life experience.

But what if a TV commercial features a child on-screen, along with the words, “The World’s Cutest Child”?

If you see that spot, you’ll say, “No. That’s not the world’s cutest child. That kid may be cute, but not as cute as the kid I’m thinking of.”

Structure your commercials so the targeted listener fills in some of the blanks.

Because when the listener adds the final details, they’re 100% accurate.

And relevant.

And precise.

How To Create Maximum Impact Radio Advertising

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