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The Promotion Director's School



by Doug Harris

1. Is the promotion in sync with the needs and interests of our audience (according to our description of our target and our mission statement)?

2. Is the client spending enough money with the radio station to warrant this service from us (according to standards set by our sales department and the market climate)?

3. Is there sufficient lead time in which to inform the audience and motivate them to action?

4. Are there conflicting activities on our calendar, or on the listeners' calendars (holidays, area events, etc.)?

5. Do we have the financial and human resources necessary to properly execute the promotion?

6. Is this promotion of critical importance to, or will it have an impact on, our audience, community, station, or clients?

7. Will this promotion improve our ratings, generate revenue, or enhance our image with the public? (It should accomplish at least one of the three).

@1997 by Doug Harris dough@creativeanimal.com

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