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Hey! Did you know you can hear samples of almost everything we have?

by John Lund

  • Get involved with charitable organizations and serve the community.
  • Reward employees who serve as volunteers for causes.
  • Accompany every listener prize with a thank-you note signed by a staff member.
  • Ask talents to call, fax or e-mail contest winners with a "thanks for listening" message, and ask these active listeners to tune in to the station at work.
  • Take ownership of concert tickets. Put a sticker on the back of each ticket with the station's logo and "We hope you enjoy the show!"
  • If the sales department misses out on an initial buy for a new restaurant, ask the morning team to show up at the restaurant unannounced and pick up the check for anyone who recognizes them.
  • When a big concert goes on sale, show up in the ticket line with free CDs and a flyer that says "Good Morning from (Calls). See you at the show! Listen for (artist) all day today."
  • Record a client's first sponsorship mention or appearance on the morning show, and have the AE deliver a package with the cassette the same day it airs.
  • Get movie theaters - or station sponsored movie premiers - to show the station's TV spot.
  • Arrange with auto repair shops, car washes and rental car agencies to leave a hang tag with your station's logo and a coupon for something free on each car's radio.
  • Create a contest-winners list by daypart, then call or e-mail the winners about new contests.
  • Establish a VIP Hotline for newsmakers, celebrities in the community and others to use when they want to get through to the personality on the air.
  • Create a list of the 20 largest employers of your listeners and do joint promotions with them. Stage lunchtime talent appearances at the company cafeterias.
© 2002 by John Lund

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