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by Dan O'Day

What are we trying to achieve with this contest or promotion?

Is the prize appropriate for our station's personality?

Is the prize appropriate for our listeners' lifestyles?

Is the prize something our winners would want to win?

Is it fun?

Is it luxurious?

Is it something they probably would not buy but would love to have?

Does the prize in some way connect to the listeners emotionally?

Do your listeners believe they can win?

Can we deliver the prize to the winner in a way that heightens their enjoyment?

Is the execution of the promotion appropriate for our market?

Is the idea fresh to our market?

Is the execution fresh to our market?

Is the promotion exciting enough for our listeners to tell their friends?

Are the rules readily available?

Are the rules easily understandable?

Is every aspect of the contest legal?

Have we attacked it from the point-of-view of a "professional contest player"?

Do all listeners have a chance to play?

If not, are some being omitted by design...or by accident? (e.g., faxed-in entries)

Have we taken precautions against contestant fraud?

Have we taken precautions against employee fraud?

Have we taken precautions against sponsor fraud?

Is it possible to have more than one winner...or a tie? If so, how will the prize be awarded? Is that clear in the rules?

Are drawings performed by disinterested, unimpeachable third parties?

Do your judges lend credibility to to the promotion?

Do your judges lend celebrity to the promotion?

Is every aspect of the promotion the responsibility of a specific individual?

Does everyone at the station understand the goal of the promotion?

Does everyone at the station understand how the promotion works?

Are all the visual representations coordinated?

Are all the audio presentations coordinated?

Are our tv & audio presentations coordinated?

If the prize is being provided by a third party, are we absolutely certain of exactly what is being provided? In what condition? With what guarantees or warrantees?

If the promotion lasts for several weeks, does it have built-in growth....or is it static?

Is it fun/dramatic/exciting/entertaining to listen to?

Is the presentation imaginative?

Does the execution stimulate the listener's imagination?

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