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by Dan O’Day

A reader writes:

"When I first arrived in this market nine years ago, the only gig I could find was weekend overnights. I gladly took it to get my foot in the door. The morning guy was an industry veteran, very well known for garnering substantial numbers. The times I filled in for other people and ran into the morning man, he treated me like something he had dragged in on his shoe. Very rude, very condescending.

"Now, nine years later, I'm the Operations Manager of a different station. I have an extremely rare full-time opening on my staff. Guess who's applied for it?

"It's a situation as old as radio itself, but you cannot be rude or snotty to anyone in this business. The person who's doing the garbage shift may be the person you'll be sending a tape and resume to in a few years!"

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