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Plain and simple, the most important thing on your radio station. You cannot give it too much attention.

Surround yourself with loyal, dependable people who have the ability to operate within the team structure.

Most great stations are simple stations - crystal clear in all they do, never confusing the listeners.

An abstract quality that has been a part of every winning radio station I've heard - no matter what the format. A necessity.

Call it energy, drive or show biz. It's something every winning station
must have.

They say there's nothing new, but there are plenty of ways to sound different or unique. Set yourself apart from the other stations in the market.

All great stations are involved in their communities. Period. NOT optional.

Yeah, I know I harp on it, but you have to do it. Coach Bobby Knight said it best: "Everybody wants to be a winner, but not everybody is willing to prepare to win."

Determine what you want your station to be and where you want to go - get a game plan, then stick to it. Short-term commitments don't work anymore.

The single most important quality in a radio station and the person who programs that station. If you don't absolutely love what you do, get the hell out.

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