Verbatim Reviews of The Accents Class

Nance Weber, Voice Actor/Audiobook Narrator

The Accents Class with Jim Johnson completely exceeded my expectations! After just the first 10 minutes of the class I knew I was in the middle of something that was going to change everything and ‘up my game’ in a remarkable way.

Jim doesn’t just teach how to do an accent, he digs way down to the root of basic language and helps you understand why people speak the way they do as well as the geographic and cultural aspects that influence their choices. The resources are endless and the personal coaching in the class is valuable not only to the person being coached but to the entire class.

What makes Jim stand out is his authentic desire to see you succeed. He is encouraging, honest and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks to Jim, I finally feel like I now have the tools and strong foundation I need to tackle any accent and look forward to auditioning fearlessly.

Nance Weber, Voice Actor/Audiobook Narrator Kennett Square, PA
Kurtis Bedford, Actor

As an actor you are often asked to do different accents. Many of us have only a vague understanding of the accents in our repertoire — even the ones we feel comfortable doing.

Jim has an extraordinary ability to explain accents to you simply and efficiently, in a way that helps you understand not just how to mimic them but to understand why they sound as they do.

I truly don’t understand how Jim has such a discerning ear, but it is amazing. His understanding of the subtle nuances between different accents and his ability to express those differences in ways that are easily understood are unmatched.

You learn not just “Basic English” or “Basic French” but distinct regional dialects from all over the world, including many from different parts of the US. After the class is over he continues to send accent modules out to his students that are GREAT to use when prepping for an audition or VO recording.

I have never encountered anyone else whose deep understanding and love of learning are overshadowed only by his obvious love of teaching what he has learned.

Kurtis Bedford, Actor Los Angeles, CA
Amanda Serra, Actor

I loved The Accents Class! I came to the class already having had some experience with IPA and accents. I was very impressed with Jim’s knowledge, how wonderfully he communicated with students of all different levels, and how effectively he shaped his instruction to the individual.

He was good-natured and encouraging while still being precise and thorough. Jim’s on-line class and the accompanying modules are an amazing asset for any actor or voice talent who needs to acquire an accent quickly and accurately.

Incidentally, during the last week of classes, I was called in for a same-day audition for Linda Loman in Death Of A Salesman and needed a Brooklyn accent. Jim had just taught New York City accents the week before, so I applied what I learned!

Amanda Serra, Actor Fullerton, CA
David H. Lawrence XVII, Actor/Storytelling Coach/Technologist

Dan, Jim….

I just finished a 14 hour audiobook project, in which I was able, for the first time, to put to use some of what I learned in The Accents Class.

It was an awesome experience, and was so much fun – very different from previous projects, where I spent a lot of time on YouTube, trying to find examples of the accents I needed to employ.

In this project, I headed over to my hard drive, where I have all of Jim’s modules organized, and simply picked out what I needed. I then did a quick review of the terrific samples, noted what I needed to adjust until I felt comfortable, and then applied it to my content. 

It was, frankly, a snap.

So, thank you.

As I look back on the class, I was constantly amazed by two things:

– Jim’s facility with illustrating the phonetic breakdown of each accent, and

– his clear love of teaching.

The first of these is to be expected, but the second, in my opinion, is a far more valuable aspect of the class – it helped things ‘stick’ for me, because I felt like I was in a room with someone who really cared about my success, not someone who was showing up to do a job that he was required to do.

I was among the volunteers to be coached in the class, and loved the whole process. The back and forth between Jim and I over the content was really eye-opening, and helped me gain nuances in my accent use that surprised me.

The key takeaway for me in both the class presentations and in my individual coaching with Jim was the process of making the accent accurate but cartoonish to begin with, then slowly ratcheting back the intensity to an appropriate level of application of the accent to the content.

A professional class should be more than just a fun option to fill one’s free time. If you’re going to pay good money for a class like this, you want to see a return on your investment, either in saved time, actual income, or both.

I can already see both quite clearly. I’ve been booked on another project for the same publisher, and it too has accent work in it, so I’m obviously seeing the fruit of this labor. Again, thank you.

David H. Lawrence XVII, Actor/Storytelling Coach/Technologist Los Angeles, CA
Jannie Meisberger, Voice Actor/Audiobook Narrator

Thank you both so much for offering the class. I’d been hesitant to take an accents class before learning about Jim’s course, but I’m so glad I took the plunge and signed up. I’ve loved every minute, including Dan’s stories!

Thanks to Jim’s laid back style of instruction as well as the creative ways he guided us through the coaching sessions, I’ve improved my knowledge and skills in ways I never imagined I could. Even Hell’s Corner and Hell’s Consonants don’t seem so intimidating now!

Jannie Meisberger, Voice Actor/Audiobook Narrator Gig Harbor, WA
Trenton Bennett, Voice Actor/Audiobook Narrator

Before coming into The Accents Class, I had a pretty good knack with some accents, I was struggling with others, and then I had a few areas I’d like to polish up on, such as refining my command of the variations of British English. I got far more than I expected, and the price for a month of coaching — and forever-access to materials — was a steal.

What really amazed me about The Accents Class was that it dives deep on so many levels. You don’t just get a breakdown of the rules that drive when to do which pronunciation; you also get the mechanics of how to make these sounds without beating up your voice. If you weren’t born and raised to an accent, there may be parts of its sounds that you’re doing more vocal gymnastics to achieve than you need to.

We also get a deep dive into the specific parts of that accent’s culture that influence it, so we better understand why things sound the way that they do. And last, we get comparison work that helps us differentiate similar accents from each other.

The path we took set us up for success. Here’s an example. We started with English RP, then worked on Cockney. These two languages bookend the spectrum of British English…which meant that we were now perfectly poised to continue into Estuary, which runs the range in between those bookends. Getting comfortable with that made it easier do break down those ranges into Manchester, Yorkshire, etc.

Every step of the way, we know what positions in the mouth each of the critical sounds requires, and we take this further with a basic breakdown of how language works. If that sounds really technical, well, it certainly feels that way on Day One! But by Day Two it starts to make sense, and from there, the ‘ABCs of human mouth sounds’ informs every accent, every dialect, and every exercise.

Trenton Bennett, Voice Actor/Audiobook Narrator Riverview, FL
Tracy Tenney, Voice Actor/Audiobook Narrator

Jim was thorough, meticulous, encouraging and enjoyable to work with. Plus, the extra audio examples we get throughout the course will prove extremely useful whenever I’m called upon or auditioning for a book that requires a specific accent. I no longer skip those opportunities.

Tracy Tenney, Voice Actor/Audiobook Narrator Lebanon, OH
Karen Richter, Voice Actor

Shortly after our Accents Class finished, I was given an opportunity to audition for an audiobook, set in England, that called for a Cockney accent and a Texan accent for the two main characters. To be honest, my very first thought was that it was ‘too soon’ — until I was reminded by a friend and colleague that I’d just taken this class and it’d be a pity to not give it a go. Long story short, I sent in my audition, the author loved it, Cockney and Texas accents and all, and happily I booked the gig.

About two years prior to taking The Accents Class with Jim Johnson, I studied with another teacher of accents, and while excellent as a skilled professional, that person was not the thoroughly organized and focused teacher I needed.

When I received the email invitation from Dan O’Day informing me of Jim’s upcoming class, I must admit, I was hesitant about putting good money out for yet another accents course. Much to my relief and great joy, after my 4 weeks with Jim I have a better understanding of the very same accents that the previous teacher had gone over in their 4-week program, but the breadth and depth at which Jim taught them — and his obvious desire to make sure each of his students ‘got’ the accents — had a more profound impact on me.

The proverbial icing on the cake for me is that Jim still ‘keeps in touch’ with his students, sending us additional accents to work on each month. They are the complete package, coming in both PDF and mp3 format, and including background material on the accent and its varying forms, vowels, consonants, physical placement and intonation, text examples and practice…in other words, the works.

Thanks to Jim and to Dan, this class continues to be worth every penny I’ve put toward it, and then some. I’m so grateful and I highly recommend it!

Karen Richter, Voice Actor Los Angeles, CA
Chris Ansoff, Voice Actor/Audiobook Narrator

I am so happy I signed up for The Accents Class! Jim is an amazing teacher. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and it was really fun when I got the chance to work with him 1 on 1 in the class.

I was always interested in accents, but through the class I got a great understanding of the key sounds that make each accent and how some accents are very similar even if one thinks of them as being very different accents.

This class is a MUST for anyone who has an interest in learning different accents.

Chris Ansoff, Voice Actor/Audiobook Narrator San Diego, CA
Cindy Piller, Voice Actor/Audiobook Narrator

The Accents Class was fabulous! Jim Johnson is truly amazing and provides an excellent system for upping the accent game at least several notches.

Cindy Piller, Voice Actor/Audiobook Narrator Longmont, CO
Justina McCurdy, Audiobook Narrator

So glad this class was offered! Jim is a phenomenal teacher/coach. Previous to taking the class, I could mimic Irish, French, British, Valley girl, New York, Southern, and Russian accents; but did not know how to do them authentically.

Before I took The Accents Class, I was afraid it would be too fast paced, not easily explained, over my head, and I would be embarrassed.

Hearing him speak the various accents and words. Jim made it extremely easy to follow and understand. The most valuable aspects were definitely the one-on-one coaching time with Jim; both as a participant and as a viewer, it was invaluable!

Justina McCurdy, Audiobook Narrator Lehigh Acres, FL
Dave Cruse, Audiobook Narrator


I can’t believe how much you packed into this 4-week course. Not just the teaching but also the materials. Jim’s knowledge is stunning, but it’s his passion that pulls you in. Truly his joy in delivering and enthusiasm for the material make what could be a dry subject come alive.

I’ve always had a good ear for accents, but now I feel like I have a much better handle on things. It’s the difference in being able to carry a tune and learning the theory and ‘language’ of the music. With one you can hum, with the other you can compose.

Just the UK stuff alone was worth the price of the course. I’m working on a fantasy trilogy right now. Using Jim’s teaching on the different placement, melodic and rhythmic characteristics of accents, as well as the idea of target accents, I can assign different races to different regions of the UK. It makes it so easy to create unique characters while making each one distinct.

That doesn’t even touch the American and European accents. I have a feeling that I’ll be going back to these materials time and time again. It’s such a treasure trove, seriously.

The live coaching was also extremely helpful. Watching Jim coach other students was such a great way to reinforce what we’d been learning. I even found myself thinking, ‘Ah, that’s what I’m missing’ or wanting to coach along when someone wasn’t quite getting it. And Jim is such a patient and gentle coach.

Suffice it to say, as an audiobook narrator, this investment was well worth the time and money. If you decide to do this course again, I will gladly recommend it.

Dave Cruse, Audiobook Narrator Sarasota, FL
Alice Mathews, Audiobook Narrator

This class is a great investment! I have done a few accents for projects in the past that I mostly picked up by listening, but I was never sure of what I might not be doing right. Learning the proper when’s, why’s and how’s of mouth placement and intonation from Jim adds so much clarity to how to use my voice to produce the ‘right’ sounds for each accent.

The online coaching during class, the history and commonalities of accents Jim teaches, the real-life recordings from native speakers are all so useful!

When you include the forty-some more accent modules coming later this year (for free!), I’m confident I can handle most accents by following the same techniques we did in class.

And I certainly don’t want to forget Dan — the class instigator, tech guru and all-around smart and fun guy! Jim and Dan, you are both great at making everyone feel at ease, which is truly a boost for learning. Our class felt like a little family prepping for vacation! Thanks to you both.

Alice Mathews, Audiobook Narrator LaPorte, IN
Pat Flynn, Actor

I was exceptionally pleased with The Accents Class. Jim’s knowledge was almost unfathomably comprehensive. Unlike some experts, he was able to distill his considerable experience into a practice that others could understand and utilize. And his manner is collegial, not condescending. I was not one of those coached, but I appreciated his approach to working with individuals with courtesy and easy-going humor.

I have a pretty good ear, and have been called upon to use accents as an actress. Most of the time, I have listened, and tried to intuit what the music of a particular accent is, backing this up with the use of the phonetic alphabet, and perhaps tapes of a particular accent. Never have I encountered the depth of analysis and detail that Jim offered in this course. It will prove an invaluable tool in my work. I highly recommend the course to anyone, should it be offered again.

Pat Flynn, Actor Glen Ridge, NJ
Karen Estep, Actor

I highly recommend The Accents Class to anyone who wishes to expand their acting/narrating toolbox. It’s worth every penny. Especially valuable:

* Jim’s comprehensive knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and how to use it

* Providing historic background for the various accents, as well as audios not only from himself and his team but from native speakers as well

* Working individually with students in the ‘coaching’ classes and providing corrections in a non-judgmental, non-shaming manner

* Providing videos of students’ coaching sessions to refer to later

* His enthusiasm, which never flagged

* His respect for the students

* His sense of humor

* AND giving us his book on Care of the Voice‹ –invaluable!

Yes, for many artists the tuition is a lot of money, but it’s absolutely well spent!

Karen Estep, Actor Houston, TX
Patrice Smith, Voice Actor

I was very impressed with Jim’s knowledge and his willingness to share everything he knows. Knowing the syntax, clustering of diphthongs, etc., gave me a whole new insight into how the accents are derived.

I appreciated how he encouraged everyone during the live coaching classes. His “starting” point for each of us was unique, and it gave a sense of accomplishment even though we may not have hit the mark immediately. It brought a more relaxed session as we were being coached because the feeling was never of being a failure. Also, watching each other being coached helped to bring more clarity with each accent practiced.

For all the “giving” that Jim brought to table for each and everyone of us, the cost for the program was very reasonable. At first, it felt like sticker shock, but by the end of the program, Jim gave so much of himself and his knowledge that it more than outweighed the cost of the program. Jim’s ability to approach each of us as individuals each and every time is a tremendous gift. Knowing that we will receive additional accents again and again is far beyond any program I have ever experienced. Again, what a gift!

Patrice Smith, Voice Actor Nevada City, CA
Joan Kubicek, Actor/Voice Actor

Before I took The Accents Class, I thought I had a decent ear for accents, but sustaining them was a different story. I had no real idea about tongue placement or vocal placement or, well, ANY kind of placement, and my “decent ear” was more like “odd blending of several accents from the same-ish Earth-quadrant.”

Jim really breaks down the sounds and intonations of each accent, and he does it in such a way that even the most difficult-seeming dialect seems achievable. He exudes excitement about accents and what — historically and geographically — has made them the way they are, and his enthusiasm is infectious. I’d wholeheartedly recommend this class to anyone and everyone!

Joan Kubicek, Actor/Voice Actor Los Angeles, CA
Kent Barnard, Voice Actor

The class was one of the best times I’ve ever had learning something. Partly because I really wanted to learn, but mostly because Jim is the best teacher I’ve ever had (and I had my mom for 7th grade science!). Jim truly cares, truly loves teaching and teaching accents, and his passion is only surpassed by his nerdiness!

Before the class began, I wasn’t sure whether the course fee was worth it, but it was SO worth it! It has not only boosted the quality of my accents, but my confidence in doing them properly as well.

Kent Barnard, Voice Actor Wild Rose, WI
Tatum Langton, Actor

I am an actor and have studied accents & dialects in college and in other courses outside of school. I’m a pretty fast learner, but always found it a bit frustrating learning IPA or Lessac all over again and still not always understanding how to make certain sounds.

Jim’s course is so extensive. He gives you so much to work with. What I loved the most about his course is how he would teach a pronunciation over and over again in different ways. It gave me a better understanding of each accent.

When I was frustrated with the French “R,” for example, and none of his examples seemed to work for me, he shared treating it like a “g” in the back of the throat — and I got it! Then I understood why he shared so many different ways to approach a sound. Taking his course has made me feel confident to tackle any accent, and now I have the materials and tools to do so whenever I please.

Tatum Langton, Actor Los Angeles, CA
Richard Crossman, Voice Actor

I truly enjoyed working with Jim in The Accents Class. His knowledge of accents worldwide is near-encyclopedic and even more, he can TEACH what he knows.

The supporting materials are excellent and Jim’s encouragement is definitely helpful and not at all critical.

I have a good grasp of a number of accents already, but Jim helped me correct some errors, and through the class I learned a number of others which I will continue to hone until they are second nature.

I wholeheartedly recommend taking this class if you want to gain a solid base of learning accents and the encouragement to practice and perfect the skills required.

Richard Crossman, Voice Actor Simcoe, Ontario/Canada
Rebecca Davidson, Voice Actor

As a voice over artist hoping to voice audio books one day, I knew being comfortable with different accents would be a great asset to my career. When I first watched the promotional videos about The Accents Class, I knew instantly that it was going to be a course of extremely high quality. Having been a teacher myself, I certainly appreciated the obvious talents of Jim Johnson. There was no doubt about his expertise.

Yet, when the price was given, I did hesitate initially. Later, when I received the email with the deadline date for registration, I realized that if I didn’t take this course, I would regret my inaction. What really adds to the value is that you have access not only to all the learning materials from the course, but to an ongoing download of other accent materials. What a precious resource — practically priceless!

During the course, it was invaluable to watch coaching sessions…and to participate ourselves was amazing. Jim is really a stunning pedagogue who takes great pleasure in finding new ways to be incredibly helpful, all done with a robust sense of humour. Very glad I made the investment!

Rebecca Davidson, Voice Actor Brossard, Quebec, Canada
Hopper Stone, Voice Actor

In the course of starting my training in a second career as a voice actor, many of my colleagues mentioned The Accents Class. I speak a few languages and always thought I had a good feel/ear for accents.

Well, this definitely upped my game. Besides the wealth of knowledge from Jim (and he really does have accents broken down to the molecular level), the amount of material received is a reference library unto itself.

The Accents Class was sort of like my college education. In college I learned how to learn. In The Accents Class, I learned how to learn accents. It is unrealistic to expect that you just take a 4 week class and then you’re a master at any accent that comes your way. But what you do have after your 4 weeks are all the building blocks and resources you need to learn whatever accent you may be interested in learning.

As it is with any course like this, the initial fee is “expensive” on the face of it. But the lifetime access to the learning library and your training videos is definitely worth the price of admission. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning how to approach accents. As good as you think you already are…check your ego at the door and listen to the master teach you.

Hopper Stone, Voice Actor Los Angeles, CA
Angela Davis, Actor/Audiobook Narrator

The Accents Class has been a terrific experience for me and I would (and have!) whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their vocal repertoire. Jim Johnson is clearly a master at his craft, but he’s also an excellent teacher and an overall great guy.

I had some pretty dynamite accent training at university, and I found that Jim’s teaching met me at my level of experience and also that of others who were newer to the work or more advanced than I – and I learned at least as much from watching him work with others as I did with working with him directly.

The cost of the course is high, but when you factor in having access to the Lifelong Learning Library and a full range of accents that will be consistently updated, it turns out to be quite reasonable indeed. I know it will serve as a valuable resource for the rest of my career – as an actor, an audiobook narrator, and as a teacher.

Angela Davis, Actor/Audiobook Narrator Dallas, TX
Elizabeth Roberts, Actor

I took one British accents course a few years ago. In that class we just learned the sound changes, and then marked up our scripts and read through them. It was helpful, but the scope of The Accents Class was so much larger – I felt like I learned how to teach myself any accent, not just the ones we got to work on.

The pre-coaching lesson videos really connected the accent we were learning to things I already naturally did in my speech. And having the opportunity to be coached in every class was so great. Jim is the best!! I was pretty nervous at first, but he was always so kind and supportive and made me feel like I didn’t have to be perfect – I just had to give it a running shot. Most of all, I learned that anyone can learn to do this work – I saw so many people make such amazing progress, it was really inspiring.

The thing that I loved learning the most about was how accents are all connected – I had always thought of each accent/dialect as something separate and distinct, but seeing how the pluck of Castilian Spanish tied into the pluck of South African, the similar drag between New York Jewish accents and Northern Irish accents – that was so enlightening and such a helpful way to think about learning new accents.

For me, particularly Northern Irish and New York went from really muddy to having much more clarity. I have some recordings of myself doing a New York accent from before the class, and after definitely sounded MUCH more on point!

It was particularly cool and useful to learn how slight changes to one accent can lead directly to a different one – especially French to German. I used to have a lot of trouble with the overlap between them, but couldn’t understand why until this class!

If you’re someone who wants to be able to learn a wide range of accents, this class is incredible at really giving you the tools to dissect accents that may feel intimidating. I came out of it feeling like I actually know what I’m doing – not just crossing my fingers that it sounds okay. That level of security and confidence made it so worth it! It’s also just a great experience being coached by Jim!

Elizabeth Roberts, Actor New York City, NY

I took voice and speech in college but was bogged down by the schematics of translating text into the phonetics. While Jim does a great job of giving you those concepts, he breaks it down in such a way that it was much easier to get a good grasp on how the language lived in my mouth, teaching me to be able to replicate it on instinct and making the process much faster and efficient.

Jim’s teaching style is one of the most effective one-on-one coachings I have ever seen. His ability to adjust to each individual student and their personal needs to get them to “get it” is incredible.

I learned a lot about how to be a great teacher from watching Jim coach other students. He would alter his technique to suit each individual student, all while being kind and encouraging. He really helped create a safe place to fail, learn, and succeed!

Kennedy Caughell, Actor West Orange, NJ
Tom Stackhouse, Voice Actor

My experience as a student in The Accents Class exceeded my expectations. Jim brings enthusiasm, competence and professionalism to the classroom. His coaching is person-specific and on target by building on what the student is able to demonstrate during the live coaching sessions.

The best thing about The Accents Class was the ability to participate in the live coaching sessions. What a great way to learn! Watching my classmates work was a bonus because it reinforced the fundamentals of the accent being studied. Jim Johnson is on my short list of great teachers and human beings I enjoy spending time with.

Tom Stackhouse, Voice Actor Bethlehem, PA
Jenny Veatch, Audiobook Narrator

I was afraid that no matter how hard I tried, I wouldn’t be able to “get it” and I would sound silly trying. This fear completely dissipated after the very first class where we all got up and tried. I learned that anybody can do it. Seriously, if they put the work in, anybody can do it. No accent is impossible.

Irish is always said to be “so much harder”. What I liked about The Accents Class is that none of them are “harder” than another; it’s about understanding context and the rhythm. They’re all doable.

Jenny Veatch, Audiobook Narrator Los Angeles, CA
Stephen deFluiter, Actor

I’ve never before run across an instructor able to identify the location in the mouth where the accent originates, and to be able to convey that information to his students. Jim was genuinely interested in helping the students develop their skills and confidence, building in each case on our level of success, so that we were only competing with ourselves, not with the other members of the class.

I appreciate that Jim takes into account that each student has his or her best way of learning, and presents the information from different angles. For example, the way a sound feels in the mouth was more accessible to me than the chart of pronunciation symbols, but for others, I’m sure the symbols were the better point of entry.

The hands-on coaching was really helpful, not only when I was being coached, but also when Jim was working with other students. (A lot of students with some really impressive talents, by the way).

I really feel that both Jim and Dan have befriended us all. Every class had breakthroughs, and adding on the “Lifelong Learning Accents Library” just makes it ridiculously valuable. Thank you so much!

Stephen deFluiter, Actor New York City, NY
Trina Snow, Actor

Before taking The Accents Class, I had zero training in accents. I had seen this course advertised previously, but was too nervous to take it. When I saw it offered again I was still nervous, but I really wanted to dive into learning accents. I had no idea how wonderful this class would be.

Jim Johnson’s knowledge of accents was incredible. Having continued access to all the material will help me to master each accent even beyond the course. And there is a ton of bonus material provided once the course is completed. This is an investment that is well worth it!!!

I loved the live sessions we had twice a week. Jim took time with each student to evaluate their accent. It was a blast to read a monologue in the accent and have him there to make constructive corrections. These corrections are recorded so we can go back and evaluate ourselves. I learned a lot from his evaluation of other students too. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn accents properly!

Trina Snow, Actor Murrieta, CA
Phyllis Cohen, The Canadian Pronunciation Coach

I came into this course wanting to see if I could I learn new accents fairly accurately in a very short period of time and perform the monologues in front of a lot of other people.

Also, I wanted to study Jim’s coaching technique because I’ve always found him particularly sensitive and skilled in communicating the music of the accents, which is so hard to do.

I absolutely loved The Accents Class! Jim Johnson is a wonderful dialect coach who has the extraordinary ability to communicate quickly and effectively. He has a real gift for finding the imagery that helps actors discover the focal sounds and, more importantly, the music of accents. This course is intensive and demanding, and well worth the money!

Phyllis Cohen, The Canadian Pronunciation Coach Toronto, Ontario/Canada
Derek Shetterly, Voice Actor

Jim is not only absurdly talented at accents, but he is an engaging and passionate instructor, obviously committed to teaching you the nuances of what you’re learning and how to master the accent. He is able to quickly break down where one can improve, and gives clear guidance on how to get there. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes, and would highly recommend it.

Derek Shetterly, Voice Actor Ashland, OR
Inger Tudor, Actor/Audiobook Narrator

I highly recommend Jim Johnson’s Accents Class. This was the most thorough introduction to, and explanation of, doing accents that I’ve had thus far. Not only does Jim explain the sounds and the mouth placement for them, he also gives you a history of the particular language and how its accent developed over time, as well as insight into the socio-political elements that have affected its development.

Additionally, the one-on-one coaching during class was extremely helpful and allowed me to “try out” the accent. Jim was always supportive and great about helping you figure out where you might be going wrong, as well as what you were doing correctly. He also gave incredibly helpful physical postures and gestures so you get the “feel” and “spirit” of the accents. It was amazing the difference a gesture or a posture or head position made!

This course was well worth the price and I now feel I have the tools to learn the additional accents on my own, but the best part is, I won’t be learning them on my own because the additional accents we continue to receive come with pdfs and sound files to help you understand and to give you a taste of the regional variations.

As an actor and audiobook narrator, this course has been invaluable and even before I completed the course, I had booked more work because I was able to do accents that we happened to be working on in class! If you have a chance to take this course, don’t hesitate to sign up!

Inger Tudor, Actor/Audiobook Narrator Los Angeles. CA
Karen M. Hoffman, Actor

Jim is a huge “find” for someone like me. As much as I would love to have an “ear” for accents, and do love accents, they don’t come easily to me. Try as I might I wind up sounding like the Lucky Charms guy even though I’m not trying for any sort of Irish accent.

Jim’s mastery of accents and his obvious love of teaching it is a fun and heartening thing to be around. There is nothing like that kind of energy to motivate someone to keep trying.

At first I thought I would be overwhelmed by all the material; now I’m just so tickled to keep adding to my Accents folder for future reference.

Karen M. Hoffman, Actor New York, NY
Sandy Skye, Voice Actor

Jim’s knowledge of accents is astounding. In the past I’d only ever tried to learn accents from YouTube and friends who are native speakers of accents other than my own, so it was very eye-opening when Jim taught us how speech comes from different areas within you (e.g., front vs back of mouth), and how to make those sounds.

Jim was very good at not just telling us the end goal of how to use our voice, but actually giving us different ways to try to achieve that — THIS is exactly what I needed his lessons for! The classes were absolutely worth it and I’ll be looking to continue more lessons in the future as I try to perfect my target accents.

Sandy Skye, Voice Actor Tokyo, Japan
Jenna Atkinson, Actor

I enjoyed every bit of this class! I loved how informative it was, and it is absolutely worth every cent and every second you spend on it. Jim’s knowledge of accents is amazing. This class helped me gain the tools to understand why accents sound the way they do, and not just to replicate sounds another person makes. Jim’s teaching and effectiveness in grasping accents shows why it is incredibly important to know the ins-and-outs of a specific accent. He showed me that accents are not just a sound, they are a verbal form of culture that needs to be understood in order to truly mimic it correctly. This is what makes his class so valuable.

Not only are the 11 accents we worked on valuable to me as an actor, but the resources Jim provides, like lifetime access to his accent library, is absolutely worth the cost of tuition. I particularly liked that the classes were recorded, and I can go back and watch them at any time in the future.

I also enjoyed the coaching sessions with Jim, as he really helped me work on intricacies that I would’ve missed without his help. I know that going forward, every time I need to approach an accent for an audition or character, I will use the tools that Jim has taught me. I look forward to auditioning with this new skill set!

Overall, this class is essential for any performer who wants to understand the voice and how to create accents from it. Jim is a phenomenal instructor, and I thoroughly enjoyed being in his class. I will absolutely be referencing his teachings from now on in my career, and if there are any future opportunities to study with him, I will jump at the chance.

Jenna Atkinson, Actor New York, NY
Mary Beth Garber, Audiobook Narrator

The Accents course was invaluable. The treasure trove of accent examples is amazing. The most valuable part of the class, to me, were the examples of accents that Jim did and then had each of us try to create on our own, followed by his guidance.

Those recorded examples of his were really the key to getting inside a given accent. I highly recommend The Accents Class; it is worth every penny and the time spent acquiring the knowledge.

Mary Beth Garber, Audiobook Narrator Los Angeles, CA
Caz Prescott, Voice Actor

I have followed Jim’s astounding work for years. When The Accents Class opened up again, I didn’t hesitate to enroll, mostly to meet with and work one on one with Jim. His strong kinesthetic approach to the training embeds the accent into your body and bones, assuring that you will always have a quick cue at hand, in order to access any accent instantly.

The extensive materials offered for each accent module, provide a clearly explained and detailed study into all the sounds, the intonation and placement of each accent. Once the four weeks of online live group classes ends, you have a treasure trove of materials to dive deep into to continue developing your new found skills.

Jim’s Accents Class provides you with absolutely everything you could possibly need to firstly fire up, and then further fuel, a lifetime of global communication exploration and accent adventures.

Caz Prescott, Voice Actor Port Kembia, NSW/Australia
Maureen VanTrease, Actor/Audiobook Narrator

Jim’s knowledge of the subject and his ability to make it as easy as possible for us to learn was AH-ma-zing! He worked so diligently with each of us.

Long ago, I had a teacher who wanted us all to use the written out symbols and it was just way too much information and very confusing. This helped clear that up and made sense of them.

I recommend The Accents Class without hesitation. This class is so helpful. I intend to use my abilities in audiobooks and film.

Maureen VanTrease, Actor/Audiobook Narrator New York, NY
Anthony Proctor, Voice Actor

Please feel free to quote me on the big Box of Awesome that is The Accents Class. Before the class, my accents were naught but a cheap party trick, an act of mere mimicry. I wasn’t doing, say, a British accent; no, I was doing an impersonation of John Cleese, Michael Cane, Alec Guinness, et al.

The Accents Class gave me the fundamentals to break down any accent to its core and discover not just how something sounds, but why. What a fantastic course. Highly recommended to anyone who needs to sound like “you ain’t from around here, are ya?”

Anthony Proctor, Voice Actor Charlotte, NC
Jessica Goldapple, Actor/Audiobook Narrator

In the past, to learn an accent quickly I’ve just listened to samples and mimicked what I heard. But through The Accents Class I have learned how valuable it is to first understand what the vowel and consonant changes are, and what the rhythm of the speech is like and how it differs from my own. Jim even provides historical/geographical context of the region, because that too can inform the way people speak.

Armed with that information, I can now listen to native speaker examples or the monologues provided in the course material in a more active way, and my muscle memory develops differently. This allows me to have more of an accent “toolbelt” at the ready, rather than a bunch of “shoeboxes” filled with vague (sometimes misguided) recollections of accents shoved into the back of my brain closet like before.

As an instructor and performer, Jim is a marvel. He can go from accent to accent seamlessly, and can explain things so clearly and engagingly that the aha! moments and laughs were plentiful during our live sessions.

His observations were not one size fits all, either. Jim knows what to suggest to help each individual improve. I had absolute trust in Jim and any nervousness or need to be perfect vanished as he guided me and as I watched him work with my classmates. He also made suggestions for adjustments you can make when working on a play or audiobook narration, for the sake of being clear and understood. Honestly, I knew I loved learning accents but I could not have anticipated just how fun and interesting this would be.

Another perk was the incredible community I met virtually through the class. This group was so supportive, rooting for each other and gleaning as much from other people’s coaching time as their own turn “up at bat”. While this may have a lot to do with how kind everyone was, it is also due to how Jim and Dan set a tone for being truly present for us in a non-judgmental, collaborative way. I couldn’t recommend this class more!”

Jessica Goldapple, Actor/Audiobook Narrator Los Angeles, CA
Shelley Lynn Johnson, Actor/Audiobook Narrator

I have had accent coaching in my stage acting life — particularly RP and Irish — where the company hired a coach to get the accents as accurate and consistent as possible within the cast. This class gave me so much more substance to understand the sounds better, and I believe I will now be able to go ahead and tackle an accent without an in-person coach.

I learn accents by hearing them over and over. I’ve used online resources and native speakers recording dialogue for me to get the sound correct. I had no idea how involved this work is on a technical level. When Jim explained it in musical vocal placement terms, I understood the sound better and was able to grasp it more quickly.

The class was an amazing value. We received such a wealth of resources. There was something for every learner, and every way of learning. And of course, the accents we still receive going forward! WOW. The value is simply incomparable.

I loved hearing others’ coaching in the class. Jim absolutely knows his stuff, and his love for this profession is evident. j. It’s a gift to have this opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable and giving professional.

I absolutely recommend this class!

Shelley Lynn Johnson, Actor/Audiobook Narrator Los Altos, CA
Diane Chernansky , Actor

I loved The Accents Class! Jim is such a kind and gentle teacher. It was a great experience to be coached by him and to see him work with other members of the class. I could hear the improvement with each person with each accent and I could hear and feel the improvement in myself. The atmosphere was so encouraging, from Jim and the other participants. It was one of the most delightful class experiences I have had as an actor. You could feel the joy in the class!

The Zoom format worked especially well. As Jim would coach someone and suggest they try a certain section of the practice monologue, I could practice along with them, speaking out loud, since the rest of us would be on mute. I felt like I got lots of extra coaching this way!

The materials for each accent are very thorough. The fact that we will continue to get the accent modules each month for nearly a year, and can build up a library of learning materials, is invaluable. Fantastic class all around!

Diane Chernansky , Actor Los Angeles, CA

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