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“Pros’ Guide to Performing with Accents and Dialects”

Jim Johnson with Dan O’Day

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  • The difference between "Accents" and "Dialects" (The answer will surprise you.)
  • 2 biggest misconceptions about performing accent
  • How "having a good ear" can become a trap
  • Rhotic vs. non-Rhotic accents
  • The Tapped R
  • When and how to use a "Generican" accent
  • How to establish and maintain consistency with an accent
  • Accent Anchors
  • Physicalization Leading to Visualization
  • Intonation
  • How to switch "on a dime" from one accent to another
  • Pitfalls of "Learning an Accent from YouTube"
  • How to reconstruct or create an accent or dialect (e.g., historical dialects)
  • Socioeconomic impacts on an accent
  • The power of well placed Indicators
  • Accuracy vs. Audience Comfort and Audience Expectation

Download Your Pro's Guide to Performing with Accents and Dialects

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