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The other day in the private group for The Accents Class, someone mentioned, regretfully, that the production of a play by George Bernard Shaw, in which he’s performing, is reaching the end of its run.

“You familiar with The Shaw Festival?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah. Of course!”

That prompted me to share one of a number of radio commercials I created several years ago for one of my all-time favorite clients: The Shaw Festival at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

Why Are They One of My All-Time Favorite Clients?

Great people to work with. Smart, creative…and not afraid to consider addressing their target audience differently than most theaters ever would talk to their patrons.

Great product — world-class productions of world-class plays.

They Weren’t Too Lazy to Answer My Research Questions.

They made my job as copywriter easy by thoughtfully answering the 37 questions I posed to them.

While they may have wondered why I would ask some of those questions, I had no way of knowing which question(s) would present to me the clue that cracked open the story I would need to tell.

In this instance, it was a question about the most common reasons that prevent theatre-lovers from attending as frequently as they should.

They Didn’t Balk at the Prospect of a Radio Advertising Campaign that Accuses the Advertiser of Having Been Less than Honest.

They didn’t freak out when the commercials I wrote acknowledged and even amplified one of the key objections that needed to be overcome.
Hopefully you’ll be able to figure out what that big objection was.


Learning Accents & Dialects {3rd & Final Video}

In this video, we wrap up my interview with the guy many people consider to be the best dialect coach in the world, Jim Johnson.

* The 3 things you want to accomplish when working on an accent

* Why not all words are created equal

* The overlooked power of accent indicators

* Difference between dialects & accents. (Many people define them incorrectly — especially many “purists.”)

* Playing with Swedish, French, German, Northern Irish, Caribbean, New York Jewish, Pittsburgh, and Yorkshire accents.

Hey – This is the final installment of my conversation Jim, but I’ve got 3 more videos devoted to dialects & accents for you.

So I can let you know when the next one is ready, join the Alert List at https://danoday.com/the-accents-class

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Here’s the second installment in a 3-part interview with the guy who’s become known as “the” person for an actor, voice actor or audiobook narrator to go to for accent and/or dialect coaching.

This 16-minute video includes:

* Game of Thrones —  coaching actors in both “Duthruckie” and “Valerian”

* Two things to avoid when looking for accents on YouTube

* Success milestones you should look for when learning dialects

* A closer examination of the Yorkshire accent

* Estuary accents

* The 3 ways for you to use the IPA (and the problem with the commonly prescribed “Broad Transcription” usage)

* The biggest thing that gets in the way of people doing accents

* Jim decodes my own speech pattern to identify where I grew up

We still have half a dozen “accent/dialect” videos ahead of us. Want us to let you know when they’re ready? Join the Alert List at https://danoday.com/the-accents-class.

How to speak Duthruckie and Valerian



Highlights of this first of three parts of an unscripted, freewheeling discussion of the ways one of the world’s leading dialect coaches “breaks through” the barriers that needlessly restrict actors, voice actors and audiobook narrators from accepting jobs that require convincing accents include:

* His own big breakthrough

* The most common misconception people have about learning accents/dialects

* Misconceptions about using the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)

* “The beard nod”

* Jim’s unique way of gathering “native speaker” recordings

* The differing values of hearing native speakers reading vs. hearing native speakers in conversation

* The Accent Wagon

* The most common reason people find themselves struggling with accents

* How understanding the culture can help you perform the accent more easily and convincinglyLearn dialects accents


radio and online ad sales Over the past few years some radio groups have begun sending a member of their “digital staff” along with account executives on sales calls.

That way, the digital team can add its “expertise” in designing a successful ad campaign for the client.

I believe they also throw around the word “synergy” a lot.

A Loyal Reader forwarded to me these notes that accompanied a copy order from a radio station account exec to the station’s commercial producer…

…complete with the lack of punctuation, spacing between words, etc.

The campaign will be driving people to the website but the url isn’t developed yet. (Radio Company) is building the website. Copy points: (URL — don’t have one yet, but it will go here)

(Client) has two goals so two spots is fine remodeling high end homes only (Luxury remodeling)kitchens, baths, whole home luxury garden homes-targeting people who want to downsize from their large homes to a 2500-3000 sqr foot garden home but not miss out on the luxurious items luxury living the goal is to drive leads to the website.

The account exec apparently believes:

1) There’s enough information there from which to build a successful radio commercial campaign.

2) There’s no need to give listeners a reason to visit the not-yet-built website. Once they have a URL, “leads” magically will go to there.

To get listeners to go to an advertiser’s website, it should be either to get something or to do something.

Get Something: “Download Your Free Copy of 33 Ways to Downsize Your Home without Sacrificing the Luxury You Deserve.”

Do Something: “Take our 3-minute Perfect Home for Me diagnostic quiz for immediate, personalized recommendations for downsizing your home without sacrificing the luxury you deserve.’

“Go to our website so you can be a lead” doesn’t qualify as a worthwhile Call to Action.