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An Even Dumber Advertising Explanation from Turbotax

Yesterday we took a peek at Turbotax’s current inane ad campaign that spends all its time explaining to consumers concepts they already understand, rather than showing targeted consumers why Turbotax offers the solution to an important consumer problem.

On Monday, they explained why “asking for help” can be a good thing.

Today Turbotax attempts to explain to you the terribly confusing concept of “taking photos of things.”

You certainly can’t fault their logic:

“And because we’re so good at taking photos, we’re also really good at doing taxes.”

Presumably the advertiser is referencing a product feature that includes compiling and analyzing tax information by taking photos of certain documents.

“Well, duh! I mean, people can see it right there on their TV screens,” the ad agency protests.

Well, no.

An estimated 93% of TV viewers in the U.S. “watch” TV with one eye on their mobile devices or on their laptops.

Ask yourself: The last time you watched commercial television, did you sit there and watch & listen when the commercials began?


Has your life in any way been enhanced by viewing or hearing Turbotax’s examples of “taking photos”?


Is the advertising agency making money on this inane campaign?

Oh, yeah.

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