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Recently I’ve been urging radio stations to look for “lemonade moments” they can create for their listeners, advertisers, sponsors, vendors — anyone with whom they regularly come into contact.

This isn’t much of a photograph, but it’s another brilliant lemonade moment from the Custom Hotel in Los Angeles. I snapped this photo when we visited to confirm this would be the location of our 2012 Sitcom Room TV sitcom writing class.

It’s a scale. In the lobby, close to the Front Desk, next to the strawberry ice water.

Why is it there?

For departing guests, who are worried that their luggage will exceed the airline’s maximum weight limit.

Absolutely brilliant. A one-time investment in a used scale that will cause countless future guests to leave the Custom Hotel for the airport thinking, “That was great of them, having that scale there for us….”

So again I ask: In your radio station’s (or other business’) daily routines, where are your opportunities to create lemonade moments for others?

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  • Tad Shackles October 30, 2012, 9:54 am

    There are many questions we must ask ourselves before we turn the mic on. How does this affect my focus? How have I made this my own? Is this relevant to my audience? and now… How can I use this to create a lemonade moment?

    Thanks, Dan!

  • Biff October 30, 2012, 1:06 pm

    As a PD a real lemonade moment for my radio station would be to convince the corporate bean counters that voice-tracking the midday slot is a wasted opportunity. They want us to be ‘the at-work-station’ yet they don’t want a real on-air host interacting with their listeners at-work?!


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