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Harlan Hogan

You have the talent. You have the desire. So
why haven't you succeeded in creating a
voiceover career that rewards you handsomely
for doing what you love? 

Because "in a world…" of both qualified instructors and (alas)
shameless hucksters, no one has taught you the secrets of turning
your talent and desire into a real business.

Most people who pursue voiceovers have no business plan, no
strategic plan, no blueprint for succeeding. Instead, they have "hope

"I hope I win this audition."

"I hope I can find a better agent (or, my first agent)."

"I hope I book enough jobs to be able to pay the rent this month."

That's not having a voiceover business. It's playing "the voiceover
lottery" — and you know your odds of winning a lottery.

I Know You.


You haven't formally launched your voiceover career because you're

"Where do I start? How? What equipment? What's the
first step I should take..and the next, and the next…?"


You do voiceovers, but as a sideline. You just haven't figured out how
to "crack the code" that allows you to pursue your dream full-time.

When you land a gig, great.

But you're completely at the mercy of outside forces.

Each morning you "hope" something good happens (one of those
"hope careers"!) but you have no control.

At best it's a sideline, but it's not a career. And certainly not a business.

Oh, one other thing I know about you:

Sometimes you procrastinate. Which is understandable: How can you
act now when you're not quite sure exactly what action you should
take now?

Jump-Start Your Voiceover Career Without
Leaving The House.

To Know To Turn Your Dream Or Your Sideline Into A Business

will be taught in a "teleseminar" format. All you need is a telephone.

And if you miss a session? Don't worry. You'll receive mp3
recordings of all the sessions. There will be so much valuable content
that you'll want to listen to each module repeatedly.

You'll spend two hours a night, twice a week for a full month with me
in a no-holds-barred, frank, stark, totally honest, no B.S. free teleseminar
series taught by a 40-year voiceover veteran who enjoys a six figure
income year after year.

Make no mistake: This will not be a month of me talking and you
listening. It'll be a month of my coaching you on your career,
explaining exactly which actions you should take next…and your
actually doing them.

I Will Help You. But Why?

You know those "gurus" who claim to be voiceover stars but seem to
spend all of their time trying to get you to sign up for their classes,
workshops, teleseminars, etc.?

Have you ever wondered:

"If you're so successful, why do you seem so desperate
for students? Everyone knows a full-time voiceover career
requires full-time attention. Why are you so desperate for
my money, and where the heck do you find the time to
hold workshops, produce other people's demos, offer
personal coaching, critique my website, and shampoo my

I hope you've wondered about that, because that's a smart question
to ask. And I find it much easier to teach smart people than dummies.

Before you sign up, I want you to know why I'm taking time away from
talking to be teaching.

It infuriates me to see so many people being misled (or swindled)
by the sleazy, overblown, exaggerated promises of certain people in
what I call "the voiceover training industry."

I believe people who truly want to build a voiceover career deserve
honest, straightforward counsel, and I'd be honored to guide you.

Seven Reasons I Want To Help You

I hate to see talented people floundering, when they could be
their dreams.

I enjoy teaching others how to succeed at the "business" of the
voiceover business.

I enjoy it, but I have no desire to teach full-time. Voiceover —
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxdoing, not teaching — is my full-time bread & butter. "Voice actor"
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxis my profession. "Teacher" is my bonus hobby.

I wish I'd had someone to mentor me, to show me the shortcuts,
help me avoid some of the many mistakes I made along the way.

You know, voicing a national campaign is financially rewarding.

xx xx But mentoring a limited number of other professionals is
xx xx personally rewarding. This might sound corny, but it feels good to

xx xx help others.

It forces me to remain sharp — to remain "in the loop" about the
latest trends in technology, recording techniques, agency
representation, marketing, etc

 Teaching my students what they need to know to have an extra
xedge over their competition helps me keep ahead of my
xcompetition, too.

I understand how difficult it is for you to figure out what to do next.
Or, if you're just starting out, what to do first.

It can be paralyzing, can't it?

If only someone who's already succeeded would hand
you the blueprint…and tell you exactly what to do first,
second, third, etc.

A good friend of mine has volunteered to do much of the "grunt
work" for me: Arranging for the expensive telephone bridge lines,
processing registrations, managing most of the class
XXXXXcommunications, making sure everyone gets their mp3 backup
XXXXXrecordings — stuff that, frankly, would bore me silly.

X(I'm talking about Dan O'Day. He does the grunt work, and I focus
X100% of my time & attention on teaching you what I've learned
Xduring my three decades as a very well compensated voice

I hate the hypocrisy that has exploited and robbed people of their
In other words, I'm Mad As Hell.

True voiceover professionals, almost without exception, are
XX   Xincredibly generous people. Even though it's a very competitive
XX    Xxbusiness, the ones who already have "made it" routinely help their
XX   Xxffriends — even when they're both competing for the same job!

    XXX But then there are the charlatans.  The frauds. The fakes. The

I'm talking about the explosion of "voice training companies" that
promise students a quick & easy road to riches.

And individuals who tried and failed at voiceovers and now, in
desperation, have resorted to presenting themselves to beginners
as successful "gurus."

Before You Choose A Voiceover Class, Be Sure
To Ask These Questions.

Does the instructor currently make a full-time living doing

This industry has changed a lot just in the past few years. How
has that once-successful performer kept up with the fundamental
changes in the voiceover business?

Many once-successful performers are semi-retired from actual
voice work and teach outdated techniques and business models.

If your teacher has been and continues to remain one of the top
players in the field, that person has proven "longevity." They know
not only how to start a voiceover business but also how to make it
thrive for many years, even decades.

Did the instructor EVER make a full-time living doing

A few completely unsuccessful voiceover wannabees present
themselves to "newbies" as super-successful pro's, and those
novices don't realize they're being lied to.

It's discouraging to see individuals with no track record taking
advantage of the trust of strangers who dream of voiceover
careers. It's as though someone who once worked as an extra in
a film now is teaching classes in "How To Become A Movie Star!"

Does the instructor have an established track record of
teaching others how to create a real voiceover business?

Does the instructor have a good reputation among working

There are some excellent instructors with thriving careers who
also enjoy teaching on the side. But the good ones I know
primarily teach voice acting/performing, not the "business end" of
the voiceover business.

Then there are the scam artists.

Some of the scam artists have their former students teach the
"classes." You're expected to pay big bucks to be taught by
someone who already took that class, still can't make money
doing voiceovers, so now they "teach" others what they don't

(Can you tell this makes me angry?)

Is the instructor a member of SAG-AFTRA? If not, are they
well versed in the advantages and disadvantages of union

You'd be surprised at how many teachers are not members. ASK

At this stage of your career, you might not need to be in the union.
Your instructor should be able to advise you when and if
you need to join with concrete, current, factual information.

Does the instructor have nationwide agency representation
— including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago? (Being a
member of a voiceover job-listing website does not qualify as
having agency representation.)

Does the instructor freely publish his/her teaching rates? Or
is that information kept secret at the beginning — until the
instructor estimates how much he or she might be able to get you
to pay?

My "Voiceover Business" Class:
What's In It For You?

Spend a month with me and I promise you'll get the real information
you need to move your voiceover career to the next level. I'll teach
you — step by step — exactly what you must do to build your
voiceover business.

Voiceover is a business, and learning how this business really works
is Step Number One.

Fair Warning.

This won't be one of those "I talk, you listen and take notes" courses.

Yes, I'll present lots of information. But I'll insist that you take specific
action on what you've learned in each session.

Okay, I won't come to your house and force you to take action.
Ultimately, it's up to you. But to make taking "that next step"
as easy
as possible, I've built into the schedule two elements
designed to
make it easier for you to act than not to act:

#1: Student Accountability ReportsBeginning on Week #2, our
Wednesday sessions will start with your telling us which assignments
you did complete. You won't be criticized if you didn't do anything
the previous week. But you'll receive the praise you deserve
taking even the smallest of the steps along the path I've mapped
for you.

#2: Student Success ReportsYou will have successes during
these four weeks. And your fellow students and I will celebrate those
successes with you.

Bottom Line: Learning is important. But learning without doing is
a "mental dress rehearsal." I want you to get out there on the
voiceover stage for real. No more delaying, procrastinating,

Are you willing to take a deep breath and commit to doing and not
just "planning to do"?


Week One (October 16, October 18)

October 16, 2017 

9:00PM – 11:00PM Eastern

8:00PM – 10:00PM Central

6:00PM – 8:00PM Pacific


  Where is the work?

  What is the work?

  Who works and why?

  Where is this business heading?

  What are the real opportunities?

  What are the myths?

  What must I do to get started?


♦  How to choose the right voice coach for you

  Five questions you must ask any potential voice coach

  On the job training

  Pro bono opportunities

  Four successful case studies

  Choosing the type of voice work best suited for you

October 18, 2017 

Intensive Q&A exploration of Overview and Preparation

9:00PM – 11:00PM Eastern

8:00PM – 10:00PM Central

6:00PM – 8:00PM Pacific

Week Two (October 23, October 25)

October 23, 2017                                                                

9:00PM – 11:00PM Eastern

8:00PM – 10:00PM Central

6:00PM – 8:00PM Pacific

Student Accountability Reports

Student Success Reports


  Recording at home and on the road

  Laptop/desktop? A side-by-side comparison shopping list

  Equipment you need now; equipment that can wait

  The crucial skill  — and how to master it

  Finding and tweaking the right space

  Understanding and getting the most use of the four primary
XXdelivery systems: VOIP, POTS, ISDN, FTP


  The Five Elements of every successful demo

  How to choose the right demo producer for you

  How much should you pay for your demo? How much is too much?


October 25, 2017  

Intensive Q&A exploration of Recording and Demos

9:00PM – 11:00PM Eastern

8:00PM – 10:00PM Central

6:00PM – 8:00PM Pacific

Week Three (October 30, November 1 )

October 30, 2017                                                                      

9:00PM – 11:00PM Eastern

8:00PM – 10:00PM Central

6:00PM – 8:00PM Pacific

Student Accountability Reports

Student Success Reports

Finding Work

  Internet casting sites

  Building, maintaining and working your prospect list

  Creating your all-important Web presence

  Networking Secrets

Getting Work

  Auditions – who wins them and why

♦  Nerves (How to make them work for you)

  Your competition

  Self Direction

  Second Guessing

  The Five Biggest Audition Blunders

  Creating your own opportunities – a brainstorming checklist

  Discovering and defining your branding position

  Crafting your marketing plan

  How, Why and What to promote about your Voice Brand

November 1, 2017   

Intensive Q&A exploration of Finding Work and Getting Work

9:00PM – 11:00PM Eastern

8:00PM – 10:00PM Central

6:00PM – 8:00PM Pacific

Week Four (November 6, November 8)

November 6, 2017 

9:00PM – 11:00PM Eastern

8:00PM – 10:00PM Central

6:00PM – 8:00PM Pacific

Student Accountability Reports

Student Success Reports

Business Matters

  Legal considerations

  Sole proprietorship vs. corporate structure

  Tax considerations and decisions


  Billing (How to get paid!)

  Smart expense record keeping: What can I deduct?

What's Next?

  Should I join the union?

  Advantages of remaining non-union

  What about FI-Core?

  When do I need an agent?

  How will I get an agent?

  Do I need a manager, too?

  What are my next steps to take my voiceover business to the
XXnext level?


November 8, 2017  

Intensive Q&A exploration of Business Matters and What's Next

9:00PM – 11:00PM Eastern

8:00PM – 10:00PM Central

6:00PM – 8:00PM Pacific

Our Private Online Mastermind Group:
You Won’t Be In This Alone.

Shortly before our class begins, you’ll be invited to join my private
Voice Over Group on Facebook.

Instantly you’ll be part of a community that includes not only members
of this year’s class but also “graduated” students from previous years.

There’s no way to place a monetary value on this. It’s a place to share
experiences and resources…and your own success stories, to inspire
and assist your peers.

For four weeks, we continually push you to action. Often when
students make a breakthrough, they share the details in our private
group. As a result, one person’s innovation becomes a new tool that
anyone in our group can use and adapt.

Both Dan O’Day and I actively participate in this “secret” group all
year ’round, not just during the month that I teach this class. Even after
the class is over, we’ll still be there for you to offer
and advice…and to cheer your victories.

How Much Is The Tuition?
(Translation: How Much Will This Cost Me?)

First, some background. The really good, well qualified voiceover
talent coaches (remember, I'm here to coach you on your voiceover
business) charge a lot of money…and they're worth it.

The unqualified hucksters…charge even more!

I researched the various courses, classes, programs, etc., being
offered all over North America. The ones being offered by people
who are completely unknown inside the real voiceover world (that is,
to the working professionals and not just to starry-eyed novices)
range from $995…

…to $4,500!

Seriously. As much as $4,500 to be "taught" by people who,
at best, are on the fringes of the voiceover industry. People who
can't walk the walk, but they sure do talk the talk!

I Had To Reach For The Pepto-Bismal When I Saw…

The various "expert faculty members" included disc jockeys, radio
station engineers, employees of video game manufacturers…and
"former students."

Yep — They learned so much about the voiceover business that
now they scramble to pay the rent by teaching other beginners the
same "blueprint" that didn't work for them!

Being a disc jockey (I once was one) isn't the same as being a
voiceover expert. Being a great radio engineer doesn't mean you
know how to record and produce a viable voice demo.

Which Do You Prefer?

Pay $995 to $3,000 to learn from someone with questionable

Or pay $1,695 to join me* and an exclusive group of other highly
motivated individuals for eight 2-hour teleseminar sessions, two per
week, for four weeks?

Oops! Maybe you're not familiar with my credentials. I'll include a
"Who The Heck Is Harlan Hogan And What Has He Ever Done?"
information box below.

You Have A Clear Choice.

$1,695 is roughly what it costs for airfare and hotel and registration
to attend a 2-day gathering of would-be voice actors. At those events,
you get to mingle with some nice people with whom you’ve chatted

…attend brief presentations by “gurus” who gladly will sell you their

…grab a few hor'deurves at the “no host” cocktail reception…

…and return home feeling slightly disappointed. It was kind of fun,
but upon reflection you realize it didn’t actually help your career.

Or you can save on airfare, save on hotel, devote a solid month to
work & study, and see solid results for your investment even before
the class has ended.

This May Be Your Last Chance.

I haven’t offered this class since 2015. If I decide to teach it again, it
won't be until late the earliest.

Who Is Harlan Hogan And Why Should I Listen To Him?

Well, this is awkward. I mean, you know I'm writing this, right? How
can I
demonstrate my qualifications without sounding like a jerk?

Fortunately, I pay a publicist to brag about me and sound like a jerk.
So I'll quote some of the glowing words she's said about me.
(Remember, of course, that she was paid to say those words. Still,
most of it is true….)

Classic household phrases such as:

"When you care enough to send the very best…"

"It's the cereal even Mikey likes…"

"Strong enough for a man…"

"Kills bugs fast, kills bugs dead"

…reached your ears through Harlan Hogan's voice.

His voice still is in demand today — on commercials for
Culligan, Disney World, Energizer Batteries, Rust-Oleum,
Keebler, Hallmark, Kraft, Kellogg's, IBM, Procter and Gamble…

It's Harlan who tells you, "This program was made
possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting."

Did you ever get a speeding ticket and have to watch
one of those preachy National Safety Council films?
You guessed it: Harlan Hogan.

Promos, narrations, commercials, documentaries… and
the commercial voice for one of the two major candidates
in the 2008 and 2012 U.S. presidential elections.
(Either the guy who won or the guy who lost. 'Nough said.)

What Makes This Voiceover Class Different
From All The Others?

Taught by a 40-year vet who's still at the top of his game

Not trying to lure you into a "continuity program" that forces you to
pay $$$ every month, forever. (Hint: Those schemes are designed
to make the "pretend guru" rich, not to help you.)

Not trying to get you to hire me to produce your demo. (I won't.)

Not trying to get you to hire me to coach your voice acting skills.
(I won't.)

Course is designed to make it virtually impossible for you not to act
— complete with weekly assignments.

If You Want To Register But "Just Aren't Sure,"
Here Are The Most Likely Reasons.

"I'm afraid I won't follow through."

"The voiceover field is too competitive. I don't have a chance."

"I'm dying to launch a real voiceover business,
XXXbut I'm too busy right

"I've been ripped off before by ‘voiceover gurus' who promised me
XXXthe stars and left only a gaping hole in my bank account."

"I can't possibly commit to 4 weeks of intensive learning."

"I'm afraid something will come up and I'll miss a lesson."

"I'm afraid it'll be too difficult for me."

"I don't live in a big city. How can I compete for the big auditions?"

"It's all so overwhelming. I'd love to do full-time voiceovers,
XXXbut I
wouldn't even know where to start."

"I can't afford it."

"I'll wait for a more convenient time."

Straight Answers To
The Most Frequently Asked Questions

"Is it still possible for an unknown to break into voiceovers?"

"If I don't have an agent, do I have a chance of succeeding?"

"If I follow all of your advice, can you guarantee I'll succeed
in voiceovers?"

"Can you get me an agent?"

"When it comes time to make (or remake) my demo, look for
an agent, build/improve my website, etc., will you steer me
away from the sharks and recommend individuals you
personally can vouch for to help me?"

"What if I miss a class?"

Registration closes Friday, October 13, at
7:59pm Eastern / 4:59pm Pacific

“The class more than met my expectations. You were so thorough and
generous with all the information, and the study guides were most
helpful and efficient in guiding us through the sessions. It also
reiterated the necessity of a serious commitment to the whole process
and that one should really home in on those ‘niches’ where one can
excel.”   — Tamara Hill

“Why would a working professional voiceover talent with over 20
years of experience being paid to do voiceover work sign up for a
class about voiceover?

I was about to make a transition from having a day job plus a full-
time voiceover business to only having a voiceover business in the
very month when Harlan Hogan and Dan O’Day were doing just such
a class. I knew it was going to focus on the business part of the
voiceover business.

Those 4 weeks really helped me sharpen my focus on my voiceover
business at that critical point of stepping away from my corporate day
job. It was some of the best money I spent that year.
”   — Bob Souer

Sign Me Up!

“The final days of the Starting Your Voiceover Business class were
astonishing! For once in my life, I feel completely satisfied that I have
received more than my money’s worth. Far more than I EVER expected!

Thank you for providing the tools that will enable me to transform my
voiceover business into a profitable career. You have my undying respect
for your expertise and your willingness to share it. For me it was a life-
changing experience!”   — Tom Daniels

“The class was very practical and useful in that you didn’t ‘glamorize’ or try
to hype us for our precious money. Many other voiceover sites, etc. seem
to make lots of promises and require lots of money to get started. In the
first month following the class, I managed to secure a full production audio
book project to be recorded in my fully equipped home studio. I will also be
recording ‘on hold’ presentations for our Chamber of Commerce and
Visitors and Convention Bureau.
”   — Yvonne Meek

Sign Me Up!

“Wow! I just finished taking the Starting Your Voiceover Business
telecourse with Harlan Hogan and Dan O’Day. I can honestly say that this
course definitely shortened my learning curve. I learned things I never
would have thought to ask, and the tidbits I picked up during the course
were easily worth the modest tuition. The marketing concepts especially
will help me find the work I need to take my business to the next level.

— Chuck Burke

“A month well spent in every sense of the word. Time spent in the
company of people who are smart, thoughtful and giving is always a great
investment. Thanks, Harlan and Dan.
— Mike Hanson

Sign Me Up!

“What a great opportunity to learn at the feet of Harlan and Dan! While I’ve
been doing production and some voiceovers for years, implementing just a
few of the things I’ve learned will totally kick my career to a whole other
level — maybe several levels!

I’ve already secured new domain names and begun work on a voiceover
site, am working on improving (simplifying, actually) my mic chain, and
soon will improve my billing system! I’ve been entirely self-taught thus far,
so learning what I’ve been doing right has been just as helpful as finding
all the ways I can improve my business! Thanks! — Glenn Nobel

“I want to thank you both for the time involved in hosting the class and the
many hours you must have spent preparing and creating the ‘Starting Your
Voiceover Business’ course. Certainly many of us have procrastinated in
doing the ‘work of voice-over work,’ namely contacting people and putting
it all out there.

I gained excellent tips during the class and the experience and knowledge
you both bring to the table will be extremely valuable as we build our
businesses. The weekly worksheets were detailed and full of information
which can be retained and used along our voiceover journey.

During the last session I picked up two accounting ideas that I will begin
using immediately. Anyone just starting out surely will have their business
run much more smoothly because of the information they received in
Module 4.

Your willingness to be available to the students shows your dedication to
the business. We are very fortunate to have found you and I’m sure each
of us also wants to make you proud.”   — Deborah Reast

Sign Me Up!

“I love this class and everything it has gotten out of me. It is exactly what I
needed. Never a dull moment to be found. I would not change anything…
except to make it a week longer. You guys have made this exciting,
entertaining, enriching and very valuable. Thanks from the bottom of my
heart to you both.
— Jack Hamlett

“Wow! This experience has been wonderful! This class has been so
beneficial in helping to fill in the gaps I knew I needed to know, and
showed me so many things I didn’t know I needed!

Thank you Dan and Harlan for giving me a device by which to judge how
far along the spectrum I have progressed and the means to measure how
far I have yet to go. You gave me actual tools to progress on the journey.”
— Natalie Stanfield Thomas

Sign Me Up!

Wonderful information you can get your head around. I like the step-by-
step format, the homework. Much more relevant and user friendly than the
other class I took, in which they didn’t focus at all on the business, which is
key…as Dan and Harlan emphasize. I really got my money’s worth!”

— Brooke Boland

“What a great class this has been. It is probably the best $$ I have spent
on voiceover ever.
And here is why I say that.

1)   You broke it down into four weekly segments, with each week keying
in on vital aspects of the business of voiceover.

2)  Every week you added Q&A after the class to help us with our own
areas we might be curious about. You also gave us bonus calls…

3)  You showed us with a workbook what an action plan might look like
and gave us nuts and bolts examples each week of actions we can take to
start and build our business.

4)  It is very obvious you both have the experience and know-how to show
beginning, intermediate, and expert VO actors how to ramp up our
business with a hands-on approach to making a plan, getting started, and
following through.

Thank you Harlan and Dan for a REAL class on how to start and grow my
business. By the way, I booked a narration gig for a large public utilities
company right after Class 4. This was a result of ‘the work of voiceover
work is getting the work.’” — Mike Achen

Sign Me Up!

“First, this was a high class series of great monetary value, important in
these times. Harlan Hogan provided the meat and potatoes of the
curriculum, carefully explaining a whole range of marketing and business
practices with the skill of an experienced VO performer, adman and

Dan O’Day was no slouch either and provided motivational thoughts,
insightful questions and at times some humor. They both alternated as
straight men and provided numerous hours of instruction, question &
answer feedback and bonus sessions with industry experts totaling, by my
count, at least 25 hours.

Second, they utilized advanced teleclass and downloading technology
where, astonishingly, they were able to control class outbursts, silly
questions, self aggrandizement and the general wasting of time, often
unavoidable with this venue of instruction.

Third and most important, their instruction was relevant, valuable, practical
and doable as long as students were willing to get up off their chairs and
take action, even if in small steps.— Norman Jacklin

“I think you guys are so wonderful to give us your time and knowledge.
Anything worth having is worth paying for, and I’m telling you that this
whole experience was so worth it!

Each class was awesome. The best things I’ve gotten out of the overall set
are how to move forward and what to expect…and something even better:
what is expected of me in so many aspects of the business. Sometimes
when I don’t know what to do, I become distracted and start doing so
many different things it takes me a long time, if ever, to get back to where I
should be. These classes have allowed me to set a path/plan that I can
refer to when I get sidetracked, so I’m back on track right away.

The bonus classes were absolutely the best. Those alone were well worth
the money we paid. Thanks Dan for all your hard work and effort on these.

The information in these classes has allowed me to get a plan together. I
feel confident as I move forward with my plan that I know where I want to
be going and I’ve learned a lot about how to get there.

Thanks guys and I’ll see you all on our private Facebook group.”
— Susan Smart

Sign Me Up!

“Thank you both for such a fabulous class! It went above and beyond my

You covered so much material, answered all of our questions and did it in
such an engaging and enjoyable way. The bonus calls were fantastic, as
well. There truly was so much offered to the students taking part in this
class…what a lucky bunch we were!

Seriously, I really am going to miss you guys and the exciting dialogue
among everyone on the calls. I look forward to checking out the private
Facebook group regularly; thanks for setting that up, as well.

Thanks again for such a wonderful learning experience. Now, I just need
to take action. As Harlan says, ‘The work of voiceover work is getting the
work!’” — Tracey Buchholz

“Putting my faith in you both to deliver a realistic look at the world of VO’s
was the very best investment of my time and money! These last four
weeks have given me so many revelations, beyond the voice training
technique and sound booth issues I’d been focused on.

When Harlan mentioned the elements of my business being like an
upside-down pyramid, something clicked inside of me. If the smallest
amount of time is spent as the ‘performer,’ why was I spending so much of
my time crafting it, to the total exclusion of thinking about the big
picture? The ‘entrepreneur’ fledgling spirit in me was pinning too much
hope in the P2P sites. I now see how important it is to self-market.

Today, I’m shifting my focus to researching and contacting potential
clients. My biggest stumbling block was the ‘management’ piece. If I begin
to make contacts, how do I keep track of that effectively? The two
sessions in Module 4 answered those questions.

You both stepped out of your daily routines to share what you know with
us in such a respectful, candid, and thoughtful way. I want to express my
thanks and gratitude for your time and energy. You thought of so many
details, not just within the framework of the curriculum, but also by adding
extra valuable sessions, to handouts, to mp3’s, to making a Facebook
group, to live Q&A of the content. You gave me far and away more than I
ever gave you!

The final comment I want to share with you is this: I now understand the
concept that the real work behind VO is ‘getting the work.’ I truly listened
and will take action = success!— Linda Ristig

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“Great course, Harlan & Dan!

The class outline piqued my curiosity, answered many questions, allayed
some fears. With some trepidation I took a chance and signed up. I’m glad
I did. This course is a terrific nuts and bolts manual for starting a voice
over business.” — Tom Verba


Okay, it’s not that bad but I’m really going to miss this class and you two
wonderful experts! This seminar series has been exhilarating and of huge
benefit in learning the principles of voice-overs as a business and
proactively working through the assignments that were core-based. The
best part is we always have our Mp3’s to continue to rally and guide us
through rough spots ahead.

I adored the entire four weeks! Both of you are very entertaining and this is
what also makes it just such a delight to be involved. I am totally aware of
the fact that I was a part of something very special during these past four

This was by far the best voice-over class, best seminar, best all around
course in a creative field, period. It simply WAS more than I had
anticipated. This is saying a lot, since I had already anticipated its being a
unique and fresh approach to teaching the critical points of the business-
end of one’s voice-over career.

What was totally refreshing is the crispness of the presentation, topics and
details covered; I loved the nicely designed Study Guides too! The follow-
up with a subsequent Q & A class dedicated solely to the previous night
was great, and the entire class format was consistent and did not deviate
or become randomized or lose ground and time retracting steps or
jumping ahead on topics that were ahead in the course.

The hands-on approach was totally beneficial and the assignments really
put us though our paces in the research and analysis of genres of voicing,
branding, competition and Internet casting sites.

I also so appreciated the totally unexpected bonus classes  — they were

I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and dedication in coming up
with such a winning, motivating course in voiceovers. More than that it has
given me more tools, wisdom and savvy, as well as a huge push forward
along the journey with preparedness; I wouldn’t have had as much
confidence to move forward without the knowledge AND experience I’ve
gained from the class. I would NOT have begun to set up a website yet,
and it would certainly not be as far along as it is.” — Melissa Freeman

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“This class has been extremely informative. I’m even more satisfied with
the fact that I gave you guys a chance, because there are a lot of hack-job
‘turn key’ classes out there. I’m never so quick to hand my money over for
any reason. Harlan’s initial write-up about the class convinced me that this
was not another one of those types of classes. I will have to listen to the
classes over again and study my notes and assignments. Thanks again!

— Elizabeth Stewart

“Before The Voiceover Class, I was experiencing quite a bit of frustration
because I wasn’t quite sure what my next move should be (didn’t know
which steps to take, so I wasn’t taking any at all). Uncertainty was holding
me back.

I now have several months’ worth of projects and planning lined up for
myself. The list of information you provided for me is a mile long, and I am
excited to delve into it. It’s a big relief to have a defined direction to move
in, and I feel much more confident about moving forward and establishing
my career. No more frustration, just enthusiasm. So there you have it. The
Voice Over Class was a huge value for the cost.” — Matthew Kendrick

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“Before learning of this class, I believed that having a voiceover career
meant constantly fighting for table scraps and doing mind numbing
amounts of auditions that 95% of the time lead nowhere, with no respect
for my time or no idea of another direction to go.

I can honestly look myself in the mirror now and know that I have the
knowledge to stand up and make a voiceover career happen. I owe that to
Harlan, and especially Dan — who changed my life on a phone call and
mentioned that he was working on this class and thought I should attend.

Harlan: You are a wonderful teacher, a truly gifted performer, and a pillar
of our industry. Thank you for deciding to help more people equip
themselves to stand up and improve their own lives.

Dan: As always, thank you for the difference you make. You constantly
work to improve everyone’s life that you touch, and I know that you really
are doing everything you do because you genuinely want to see everyone
you meet become better than when you met them. I will succeed in taking
the next step because this class has shown me which direction to start
walking. Thank you both.” — John Wiik

“This class has been the best and also the scariest step I’ve taken toward
my VO career. This has been an enlightening course. I have a lot of work
to do. I have learned a LOT and I plan on putting it into motion.

— John Watts

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“Wow. What a class. I am so appreciative of both Dan & Harlan, taking the
time to share their expertise in this business. I have a totally different
perspective now; a much larger world has opened up to me. I have taken
several action steps in my business since beginning the course and am on the
right track to a successful career.

I love having the MP3 recordings and the study guides — and I know I will
refer to them when I encounter a situation and think, hmmm, I remember
we covered this in the voiceover class! What a wealth of information!
— Andrew Christensen

“Thank you for being that rudder to steer my ship that has been lost at sea
so to speak….listing to and fro on the waves of dreams in the VO Industry.
You have given us the tools to rebuild our careers as voice actors. I can
now tear down what crumbly foundation I had, to rebuild on a new and
more solid foundation you have given us. I thank you and our fellow
classmates for making this the BEST VO class available.

— Tim Petersen

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“WOW is the only way I can sum up all the nights of the past 4 weeks that
I have spent listening to your combined wisdom in this industry! Fantastic
advice, especially about unions and corporate signatories. I had been in
SAG-AFTRA and was hoping to get back in with my voiceover work, and
this info has given me a whole new optimism about making that happen.
Thanks so much for being so generous with your knowledge. It’s worth five
times what I’ve paid, and I am definitely going to put everything I’ve
learned into action!
— John Pellegrini

Thanks so much for offering Starting Your Voiceover Business. This is a
class that I would recommend to any one of my friends inside and outside
radio who want to establish their own voiceover business.

You really broke the parts of the business down into bite-size sections that
were easy to understand and made them a lot less overwhelming. I know
that the road to this successful business will be tough, but this step-by-
step approach gives us a great road map! — Joe Fedele

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“I can’t thank you enough. I’m blown away by all the preparation and
unbelievable amount of information. Everything has been very consistent
and so well organized. The homework assignments have helped me get
more organized; make an action plan and TAKE ACTION on it; follow
through on my voice over commitments; get in the habit of doing tasks
within 48 hours, especially because I can procrastinate; know the
competition; zero in on where I fit in, my strengths, and what I’m
passionate about; target the best site, if any, for me to sign up with;
determine the best course of action toward moving forward in my career.

— Kerri Parr

“Rarely does one find a class that is more direct, candid, forthright, honest,
information rich, practical, selfless and useful as yours has been. The
downloaded mp3s will become an invaluable resource in the near future.
As my knowledge increases and my skills enhance, I will be able to listen
once again with a renewed vigor to all the classes we held. My feet have
been planted on firm soil, and I actually know where to take my first
thoughtful steps as I begin to make a dream a reality.
— Scott Lucas

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“Thank you for the time and effort you placed into this educational
opportunity. Each week I was able to learn something new. The teleclass
was easy to follow (great voices, great documentation), assignments kept
me focused on the goal, and the Q&A and bonus calls all contributed to a
very worthwhile experience.
— Renee Geiger

“Wow…so much important information. I wish I hadn’t jumped into this
business without having this class first, because I made just about every
mistake in the book.

There is no other workshop out there that offers the indispensable info that
this class provides. There are just too many folks in this biz who want to
separate you from your money without giving ANY practical information.
Those probably are the two words that best describe this class: Practical

Value points for me:
— Got me to take action: HUGE!!!! I was stuck.
— Gave me a specific direction: how to look for work, where to look for
work, the importance of branding, know what I want and where I want to
eventually be and how to approach getting there, ideas on how to make
calls, what should be said, the importance of doing your research first….
— Gave me specific information — equipment, what mic/preamp is best
for me, etc.
— Gave me guidance and specifics on how to build and run a VO
business — taxes, lawyers, accountants, finances, corporations, unions,
management tools, how to approach an agent, taking responsibility for my

Honestly, without this class I’m pretty sure I’d still be on my butt trying to
figure out what to do next. I was stuck, and I had that whole 'analysis
paralysis' thing going on because I was afraid of making mistakes. Where
the heck were you guys years ago when I started?!?

I’m all amped up to move forward. I was always excited and motivated to
get going but had no idea how to proceed. Thank you for giving me
direction. This is THE one class that should be bottled and sold. No lie.
— Dina Boland

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“The class was everything I anticipated coming from a couple of
exceptional pros like Harlan Hogan & Dan O’Day…and more.  The Q&A
sessions following the initial coverage of the Study Guide were worth their
weight in gold.

I truly appreciated the module covering some of the legal aspects of the
business. ‘The business of VO is getting the business’ couldn’t be more
true, and a special thanks to Dan for introducing me to a method where I
can market my VO business directly to local businesses. I also greatly
appreciate the Mastermind group you have established. If ever there was
continuing support for a class, this is it.

I can recommend your class to beginners and pros alike without
reservation.” — Don Lee Tucker

“I wanted to compliment you on providing a class which gave me tools and
habits to put into use right away and that will be useful as my business

In analyzing educational experiences which have been most instrumental
and influential for me, I found that they all have in common the
establishment of ways of thinking, seeing, or acting which prove useful in a
variety of situations going forward. The processes you have outlined are
concrete and specific enough to act on NOW and general enough to prove
useful in unforeseen circumstances as markets and my product change.
Thanks for the paradigm shift. — Jill Frederickson

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“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful classes. I really feel I’m on the
right track after working with you — so many resources and definitely
worth the class cost. You’ve inspired me to go beyond my small list of ‘to
dos’ and think bigger!
— Christi Bowen

“To start with, let me say that I am sad that the class is over! I looked
forward to each class and felt that all of us became friends along the way

I’m glad the class came up when it did. I had gotten so discouraged not
knowing what to do next to get into the voiceover business that I hadn’t
touched any of my recording stuff for over two months…and may never
have again if your e-mail hadn’t come along when it did alerting me that
the class I had wanted to take was about to begin
. — David T. Crowder

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“Thank you SO MUCH for all the excellent information regarding business/
taxes. As one of the other students remarked, most people have no idea
of what blunders they could make, without these tips and information. And
thank you so much for the Q&A sessions! They are so helpful and
informative, it’s insane. Just executing the homework for the the Week 1
session made the class worth the price, but the info given in Week 3 and
most especially the tax info just blew me away and made me SO glad that
I was able to take advantage of my opportunity to take this class. Thank
you SO MUCH!
— Amanda Geyer

I have been very fortunate to make my living doing voiceovers for the
past twenty-five years and I’ve always been one who has believed that if
I’m going to survive and thrive in this constantly changing business, I’m
going to have to continue to adapt and learn from the very best. When I
was presented with the opportunity to take Harlan and Dan’s ‘Starting
Your Voiceover Business’ course, I knew that this was something that I
wanted to explore. As soon as I looked at their four week curriculum, I
was excited to find a comprehensive plan, taught by two master
teachers, who have real world-in the trenches-credentials to expertly
guide the complete novice, as well as the seasoned, experienced
professional, to build and sustain a life-long business as a voiceover

I’ve seen a lot of voiceover people come and go over the years and many
of them have been forced out of this business because of their
unwillingness to adapt and seize control of their 'careers' and take the
necessary steps to build their own ‘business.’ A few of my own former
colleagues have gone on to become part of an unregulated, ever growing
‘Voiceover/Demo’ training industry, taught by former or part-time
voiceover and radio people who never really made a living in this
business, and who are more than willing to take your precious time and
money and deliver in return, advice and tips of little to no value. 

After having the pleasure of being a part of this wonderful and exciting
industry, I can honestly say that Harlan and Dan are the ‘Real Deal’ when
it comes to starting and sustaining a voiceover business. Anyone wishing
to take the leap and invest their time, energy and money into this course
will find that they are in the best possible hands under the wise and
generous guidance of these two highly proficient teachers. 

I knew that the they might cover a few things that I have already learned
from years of my own experience, but I also knew that in the presence of
greater experience and skill, there are always pearls of wisdom that are
waiting to fall into your lap, and that’s exactly what I found happening
with every class.

Harlan and Dan, your invaluable course has exceeded my greatest
expectations and I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity to learn
from both of you…thank you.
— Greg Stebner

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“Week One: For 16 years, a single agency representation, loyal freelance
voice clients, and a full-time radio production gig have worked well.
However, having relied on my agent to provide the opportunities, I was
really needing guidance in the business aspect of the craft. I came away
from Week One encouraged and excited, and Dan’s bonus class on
{Surprise Topic} was a great incentive to start getting things done. After
spending a lot on equipment and recording space, I am grateful to see this
will be the best investment yet.

Week Two: Great confirmation on getting set up. Harlan’s advice on
equipment and space have clarified the best way to invest my resources
going forward. Really appreciated the myth busting on the demos. The
class work is laying a solid groundwork to help determine our place in the
fracturing market. I feel like I’ve found some really good allies for building
a working “battle plan” going forward.

Week Three: This is not theoretical stuff. Harlan and Dan gave real,
practical tools that you can implement right away. The focus on Marketing
shook me out of my complacency and is making me much more
intentional about making my own opportunities. Already I’m becoming far
more aware of those opportunities in conversations with both existing and
potential clients and learning how to exploit them to generate future work.
It’s also forced me to reconsider my branding, even listening to my own
agency’s growing roster with new ears and trying to find ways to reposition
myself against increasing competition. It’s a lot of information, but the
constant reminder to begin with small steps means there is something
actionable and doable for anyone at any level of the craft.

Week Four: Great business advice that has me seriously looking at how
I’ve structured things over the last 16 years, not only the business
structure, but on properly setting rates and how to get paid. It’s also
revealed some weak points in my record-keeping, which I thought was
pretty strong. The small adjustments have made me more confident that
I’m not leaving myself open to the IRS. It’s been a great four weeks and
worth the time and cost. My only regret in taking this course is that
it has to come to an end!” — Darren Eliker

“Smart, smart, smart. Savvy, savvy, savvy. Informative, informative,
informative. Quality, quality, quality. That’s how I would describe class.

I did not want to end the class without at least letting you know how
impressed I am with your thoroughness, attention to detail, high standards,
practical suggestions, years of experience and expertise, your generosity
of time and spirit, and what comes across as a very sincere desire by both
of you to make sure we succeed.

I have a vast amount of notes and material that I will be revisiting and
have learned a lot from others’ experiences and questions (and will
continue to do so with our Facebook group). I have a good sense of my
brand that your class has helped me refine with the help of the weekly
assignments. I know I need a website and now the odds are much better
that I will have an effective one with the information you have given.

This class has also been sobering in terms of how much I have to learn
and how much work is ahead.  But I am now armed with information
and am more confident about how to proceed with my business plan and next

steps. I now know why those in the business warn that your voice is a tiny
fraction of what it will take to be successful. Thanks again for this
invaluable class.” — Barbara Loh

“Kudos to both Dan and Harlan for hosting the class and sharing their
time and energy. I found the organized material to be presented
exceedingly well, but the unscripted, behind the scenes commentary as
well as the bonus materials were priceless! The sections on website
design and marketing were particularly helpful and worth the price of the
course and I've already begun utilizing the information in my business. I
play Harlan's mantra in my head on a daily basis...the work of VO work is
getting the work, and I'm out there doing it! Thanks!
— Jerold Fleishman

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