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by Dan O'Day
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Dan O'Day

"Twitter? For my radio station??
You must be kidding!"

The First Time Someone Told Me About
Twitter, This Was My Response

"That is the single stupidest idea I've ever heard!"

(I apologize to my grade school grammar teachers. But "stupidest" is the word I used. Even if it's not really a word.)

Although I will teach very sophisticated,
advanced Twitter strategies, "newbies" will be
able to follow along quite easily.

This is not "Twitter 101." But if you're a Twitter veteran, we will revisit many elements you've overlooked, misused, underused…or never even thought about.

If you've only just begun (or haven't yet begun) on Twitter, don't worry. I promise to teach you all my advanced strategies in simple, plain English. You won't have trouble "keeping up" with everyone else.

In this 2-hour unique audio seminar, I personally will
teach you:

  • Why the following people at your radio station should have their own Twitter accounts:
                      Station Manager
                      Sales Manager
                      Account Executives
                      Program Director
                      Music Director
                      Radio Personalities
                      Imaging Directors
                      Promotion/Marketing Directors
                      News Directors
                      Promotion Interns
                      Program Interns
                      The Station Engineer (No, I'm not kidding.)
                      The Station Receptionist (Still not kidding.)

  • Important first steps to take when you open your (free) Twitter
    account. (If you already are on Twitter, you'll want to go back and fix
    some things).

  • What not to do when you open your Twitter account

  • What to name your Twitter account

  • How to construct the perfect Twitter bio. (Few people or businesses
    get this right.)

  • The three things your Twitter bio needs to accomplish

  • Your Twitter profile design: One thing not to do (that you might
    already be doing)

  • Your Twitter profile design: How being "too artistic" can hurt you

  • Your Twitter profile design: How to use custom backgrounds

  • Defining your own Twitter Strategy — and then establishing systems
    to ensure that every tweet serves the strategy

  • Radio Personalities: Why & how to keep your personal tweets and
    your professional tweets separate.

  • How to create a Twitter bio that increases your station's cume

  • Twitter's role in your station's Social Media Matrix

  • Whom should you "follow"?

  • Most effective methods for inviting people to follow you

  • How your station can protect its Twitter assets and database when a popular, Twittering air talent leaves

  • What your News Director should be tweeting about

  • What your Account Executives should be tweeting about

  • What your Program Director should be tweeting about

  • What your DJs should be tweeting about

  • What your talk show hosts should be tweeting about

  • How your Promotions Director can use Twitter to increase listenership

  • How to use Twitter to send people to your blog (and when, and why)

  • How to use Twitter to send people to your website (and when, and

  • Tweeting audio and video: Two key things you must do for
    maximum impact

  • News Directors: Whom not to follow

  • Station Managers: How to use Twitter to optimize employee
    communication and spot little problems before they become big

  • Including links in your tweets: One key element

  • How to use URL shortening services in a way that enhances your
    search engine rankings

  • Two different ways to use customizable URL shortening services —
    when and how to use each of them

  • Writing for Twitter: Not the same as for Facebook, not the same as
    for text messaging/SMS, not the same as for e-mail

  • Why your skills as a program director or radio personality give you an edge over the rest of the Twitter universe

  • Your two key tools for using Twitter to drive people to your blog,
    website or download link. (And when to use each)

  • How to respond to "Twitterbait."

  • Replying to someone else's tweet: Your reply must accomplish one
    of two goals.
    If it doesn't…Don't reply!

  • How often you should tweet

Dan's "Guerrilla Radio Twitter Tactics"

  • How to get tons of people to follow you

  • How to double the percentage of people who accept your invitation to follow you

  • Air Personalities: How to get far more of your current listeners to
    follow you

  • Air Personalities: How to get celebrities to follow you

  • Air Personalities: How to use Twitter to attract more listeners

  • Salespeople: How to get prospects you don't even know exist to
    follow you

  • Salespeople: How to use Twitter to locate potential new clients

  • Sales Managers: Two easy ways to get the most influential business owners and advertisers in your market to follow you

  • How to use Twitter to identify the topics that your listeners want you
    to talk about right now

  • Salespeople: How to use Twitter to "pre-sell" your clients and

  • How to generate tons of onsite traffic at your station remote

  • What not to tweet from your station remote broadcasts

  • Promotion/Marketing Directors: How to use Twitter to locate potential
    new event sponsors and/or promotional partners

  • News Directors/Talk Show Producers: How to use Twitter to locate
    local experts for any timely topic

  • Sales Managers: How to use Twitter to get clients to call you and beg to be allowed to buy from you

  • How to use Twitter as an "early alert system" for listener or advertiser complaints

  • How to respond to complaints

  • How to use Twitter to invisibly keep tabs on what your competition is

  • "One Surprise DM Per Day" — A quick, easy tactic that everyone at
    your station can use to build listener/advertiser/community loyalty

  • How to use Twitter to increase your listener database — consistently
    and relentlessly

  • Promotion Directors: How to get your "P1" listeners to actively help
    you design (and then promote) your next big promotion

  • Sales Managers: How to make money with every Tweet

  • Station Managers: Why and how to establish a private station Twitter account

  • How to use Twitter as your Station Help Desk

Includes Your Own Detailed Study Guide

I'll be sharing a lot of detailed information with you. Your 29-page Study
Guide will help you organize, understand, and remember that information.

And because it's a PDF download, you can make copies for every member
of your team.

Are You A Station Manager?

Gather everyone at your station and have them all listen (and fill in their Sudy Guides) together.

Are You A Sales Manager?

This should be your next Sales Meeting. At a tiny fraction of what it would
cost for me to come to your office and teach the same information to your

Program Director? Promotions Director?

Print the detailed Study Guide for everyone on your team and gather them in one room, so you and they can experience it together. (Trust me: They will have lots of new ideas to throw at you as soon as the teleseminar is finished.)

 Download your mp3 recording now for just $79.
(2 Hour Audio Seminar plus 29-Page Study Guide, Instant Download)

"Wasn't sure how much I was going to get out of this, but I was blown away! I am looking at Twitter with a whole new eye for not only the mindless tweets we had been sending out but plenty of inside stuff I'd have never found time to dig up. Man, I can't wait to start expanding that growing list of followers for our Morning Show and really tickle them in all the right places. Well worth the $$. Again, thank you!"

— Ric Mitchell, Program Director
WYJB, Albany, NY


"Good stuff on designing our profiles and how to customize our tweets so our listeners have a reason to follow. I also enjoyed your details on how each person with a different capacity at the station can use it in different ways. Oh, and great research on the sites and apps to use to make our experience better."

—Joe Gangwish, Internet Operations
Rural Radio Network, Lexington, NE


"One of the most eye-opening and valuable marketing seminars I have attended in my 40 plus years in radio. Can't wait to implement many of your imaginative tactics."

— Will Lewis, Management and Marketing Consultant
KCRW, Santa Monica, CA


"Plenty of useful tips. I went in not knowing a great deal about Twitter but left feeling I could take on any teenager in a debate on its valuable uses ! I look forward to setting up my bio in the correct way and introducing the power of Twitter to our listeners."

— Margaret Loubser, Programme Manager
Radiowave 96.7FM, Namibia


"Lots of people teach ‘How to Use Twitter' but this is the only training I've found that ties Twitter into our primary goals of reaching, serving and keeping more listeners. Two of the tips — how to use YouTube videos to increase website traffic and how to discover who is already Tweeting in your listening area — were worth the price of the seminar. While we are behind the curve in that we're just starting to use Twitter, I'm almost glad we haven't gotten into it yet, so that I can implement your advice. Thanks for a great seminar!"

— Jeff Johnson, Production Director/Webmaster/On-Air Host


"The main thing I took away from the seminar was how important it is to strategically follow people and how that can benefit your station. Good stuff...glad we were a part of it!"

— Johnathon Eltrevoog, Program Director
WONU, Chicago


"At first I was skeptical of the seminar because I consider myself a Twitter expert. I didn’t think I would get a lot out of the seminar, I was the geek in the room, amongst the staff of our radio team. ”

"Boy was I wrong. You have great ideas on effectively using Twitter for radio stations and your advice applies to anyone who wants to benefit by using Twitter. I learned a lot and can use that information to help others."

— Sam Garcia
Calvary of Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM


"I've recently been placed in charge of ‘social networking’ and how to use that for our station. Your seminar was much like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. Lots of great information. I have begun to make some changes based on what we've learned and re-created my Twitter page and a personality for the station. Also my GM wants to implement your ‘help desk’ idea, too. Great job, well thought through and very helpful!"

— Paul Hernandez, Online Director
KHPE, Albany, OR


"Your teleseminar on Twitter got my staff so excited that all of us created our own Twitter accounts while listening to the seminar. All of us got a lot more out of this than any of us expected. I can't wait to listen to the mp3 because there was so much valuable information that I know I missed some of it."

— Dan Curtis, General Manager
KJIK, Safford, AZ

 Download your mp3 recording now for just $79.
(2 Hour Audio Seminar plus 29-Page Study Guide, Instant Download)

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