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Howard Hoffman, Terry Phillips, Jamie Watson

or too many radio people, “station imaging” means throwing
something on the air that you heard in another market; that
you hope is funny; delivered in a big, booming voice your
listeners can't relate to; crammed with extraneous effects
to impress other radio producers.

But not to these guys:

  • Howard Hoffman: Radio legend. Superbly versatile
    commercial voiceover and animation actor. Production
    Director for KABC/Los Angeles

  • Terry Phillips: Creative Services/Production Director,
    WYCD/Detroit. Heads up CBS Radio's idea sharing
    production group.

  • Jamie Watson: Multi-award winning copywriter. Lots of
    national radio and TV commercial voice work. Lots of
    animation voicing and other TV work (including 10 years as
    the voice of Canada's The Comedy Network). Provides
    imaging for nine Corus Radio stations in Canada.

Naturally you'll hear lots of inspiring radio station imaging samples.

More importantly, you'll hear these radio station imaging masters
explain their creative and production processes in a blunt, honest,
pro-to-pro discussion.

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(1-Hour, 27-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download) 

"These guys are amazingly talented. I was able to jot down a ton of great ideas and inspired to do better work."

"Information from the real radio world that people need to hear."

"I was amazed at the sheer volume of product the panel put out. They were all very knowledgeable. I enjoyed hearing about how they decide what does and doesn't belong in the promo."

"Hysterically funny! Fascinating! Energizing! Real production experts who are writers as well? Incredible! Great insight into the creative process and how things get done."

"Terrific! True artistry. What else can you say? These are the production wizards."

"The chance to hear awesome imaging from three of North America's finest...what's better?"

 Download your mp3 copy now for just $29.
(1-Hour, 27-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download)

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