Dan O'Day's Radio & Voice Over Seminars

by Dan O'Day

2-Hour, 17-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!

Let's face it: Most radio stations' idea of "Station Imaging" is, "Hey, heard
any good liners lately?" This highly detailed audio seminar will help you cast a cold, critical eye at your own station imaging...while inspiring you with tons of great imaging ideas.

And with the help of your bonus worksheets, you'll develop your own
custom blueprint
to completely re-image your station.

With 89 audio examples, this is the most comprehensive examination of
the true art of radio imaging ever presented anywhere.

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You Will Learn:

  • What Imaging Really Is (Teach this to your Program Director!)

  • The Folly of Selling Your Aspirations

  • How to define your station's brand

  • Key questions to ask before you begin writing any promo

  • Defining your station's attitude

  • How to put your listener in the picture

  • Exactly how your imaging should reflect your listeners

  • Defining your ideal "Listener Moment"

  • Listener P.O.V.

  • Listener Involvement

  • How You Should Use Music In Your Promos

  • Your Secret Imaging Weapon: The Truth

  • How To Launch Your Own Pre-Emptive On-Air Imaging Defense

  • Deliberate Overstatement in Imaging

  • Reconciliation of Opposites

  • How to "borrow" genuine emotion for your promos

  • Imaging with stories

  • Imaging with characters

  • Jump-starting your promo with an Historic Backdrop

  • Utilizing pop culture

  • Reflecting Your Station's Character

  • Consistent Maintenance of Your Station's Character

  • How to wow your audience with bumper sticker promos

  • Giving your imaging a face

  • Imaging with Found Objects

  • Imaging Music

  • How to image Music without using music!

  • Imaging Concerts

  • Imaging Weather

  • Imaging News

  • Imaging Your Contests

  • Great Imaging...Even When You Have To Mention Lots of

  • Imaging Time-Worn Features: Grafting the New onto the Old

  • Imaging with Everyday Drama

  • Imaging via Underselling

  • What you should promote instead of the event

  • Examples from:
    (including Pledge Break spots)....Christian....Sports....Classic Rock....Oldies...
 Download your mp3 copy + Worksheets now for just $49.
(2-Hour, 17-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!) 

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Internationally known as radio's commercial copywriting guru, Dan
also is the radio industry's leading talent coach. He specializes
in the creation and delivery of original, ear-grabbing communication
between radio station and listener.

Download your mp3 copy + Worksheets now for just $49.
(2-Hour, 17-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)    

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