Dan O'Day's Radio & Voice Over Seminars

Solving Your Client Challenges
by Dick Orkin & Dan O'Day

2-Hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download!

Dick Orkin,Dan O'Day,radio copywriting,seminar,how to write radio commercials
Dick Orkin, Dan O'Day

Lwo dozen Hot Seat participants — radio commercial producers, copywriters, and account executives — each had 60 seconds to
explain a specific challenge they were having with a real client.

Then they found themselves in the middle of a creative tornado, as
Dick Orkin and Dan O'Day threw so many questions & ideas at them
that the volunteers didn't know whether to hide, duck, or yell for help.

At last, each Hot Seat volunteer staggered away limp, exhausted...
and exhilarated, because they knew that when they returned to work
they would look like absolute geniuses when they shared their great
new ideas with their clients!

Actual client challenges include campaigns for:

  • Race Track

  • Children's Theater

  • Auto Insurance

  • Automobile Dealers (2)

  • Telephone Company

  • Nightclubs (2)

  • College Football Team

  • Internet Solutions Provider

  • Mexican Restaurant

  • Tire Store

  • Discount Shopping Service

  • Furniture Store

  • Concert Promoter

  • Restaurant (Lunch)

  • Restaurant (Sunday Brunch)

  • Supermarket

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(2-Hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download!) 

Dick Orkin,Radio Ranch,radio advertising,radio copywriting

Dick Orkin is a two-time legend. First, as the creator of the
much beloved "Chickenman" radio serial as well as "The Secret
Adventures of The Tooth Fairy." Second, as founder of The
Radio Ranch, as the multiple winner of every major radio
advertising award in the world.

Dan O'Day,radio copywriting,radio commercials,radio advertising

Dan O'Day is the world's highest paid freelance radio commercial
copywriter. Internationally known as radio's commercial
copywriting guru, O'Day has taught radio stations, ad agencies
and business owners in 36 countries how to create radio
advertising that works — that is a profit, not an expense, for the
advertiser. O'Day also is the creator of the Radio Advertising
Bureau's Certified Professional Commercial Copywriter course —
the industry's gold standard for radio copywriting.

Download your mp3 copy for just $29.
(2-Hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)    

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