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Michael Bell, Nancy Cartwright, Joni Gerber
Ken Levine, Dick Orkin

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Behind the scenes with Dan O’Day:

Dan O'Day
To moderate a voiceover panel that includes both
Joni Gerber and Michael Bell — wow! I kept waiting
for someone to yell, “Hey, O'Day, what are you doing
up there??”

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ithin the intensely competitive world of professional voice
performers, these five have achieved the highest, most
rarefied levels of success.

MICHAEL BELL: Perhaps Hollywood’s Most Versatile & Successful
Male Voice Actor, Michael had somewhere between 400 and 500
voiceovers running at the time this seminar was recorded.

NANCY CARTWRIGHT: One of the busiest actors in Hollywood. And, of
course, the voice of Bart Simpson.

JONI GERBER: Perhaps the best in the business, Joni has won every
major voiceover award. Thousands of local, regional and national
commercials and too many cartoon series to list here. Oh — also the
voice of The Story Lady!

KEN LEVINE: How’s this for “multi-faceted”? Ken is a major market rock
jock turned Emmy-winning TV comedy writer/producer/director turned Major
League Baseball play-by-play announcer!

DICK ORKIN: The creative force behind the world’s most entertaining
and successful radio commercials…and, of course, the creator of

Download your mp3 copy right now for just $29.
(100-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)

  • How to break into the voiceover business

  • How to overcome the "anti-DJ bias" in the voiceover industry

  • "Cold Reading" secrets

  • How to find and retain new character voices

  • How to structure a demo

  • One very important tip for female voiceover demos

  • How Dick Orkin generates fresh comic ideas

  • Questions to ask yourself when you're reading copy

  • Common mistakes radio people commit while trying to get
    voiceover work

Download your mp3 copy right now for just $29.
(100-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)

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