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Dan O'Day
I love John Landecker. He personifies what
personality radio is all about: getting paid to go on the
air every day and throw a party for your audience
...and have fun doing it. And yes, “Records” truly is
his middle name.

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uring his years at Chicago's WLS, John Records Landecker
probably inspired more people to get into radio than any other air

Top 40 Radio + Personality = John Landecker.

If you're a Landecker fan (and who isn't?), you'll be treated to an
intimate journey through his on-air career...starting with the very first
words he ever spoke on the radio
, on WOAI in Saline, Michigan (while
still in high school).

And continuing with WILS/Lansing....

WIBG/Philadelphia (where he originally was known as "Scott Walker"
— because they already had a jingle for that name!)....

WLS and his legendary Boogie Check....

His very first day at CFTR/Toronto....

His first day back in Chicago at WLUP....

His first day at G106/Chicago....

…and continuing through to his days at Power 108/Cleveland (when this
live seminar was recorded).

Download your mp3 copy right now for just $29.
(87-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)

In addition to sharing terrific audio and bringing us “behind the
curtain” during Top 40 radio’s glory days, John:

  • Explains why "The 60-Second Boogie Check" was called "The
    60-Second Boogie Check” — despite the fact it almost always
    lasted far longer than just 60 seconds!

  • Frankly discusses his successes and failures

  • Offers his own tips for doing phoners

  • Explores the pros and cons of working with agents

  • Shares his own first-hand experience at building a career

Download your mp3 copy right now for just $29.
(87-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)

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