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Deano Day, The Greaseman,
Bobby Ocean, Ross & Wilson

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Behind the scenes with Dan O'Day:

Dan O'Day These telescoped airchecks weren't recorded off the radio. Each of them comes from 7 1⁄2 ips tapes that each of these radio giants sent me — "way back when" — especially for this project. Save this for your next long drive, because it'll take you on a wonderful radio journey.

Tlove these airchecks. Two of them are made extra special by their historic significance — Ross Brittain before he joined with Scott Shannon to launch the Z Morning Zoo, and San Francisco legend Bobby Ocean's final show at KFRC.

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We begin with the Howard
classic K-Tell commercial
parody, "ONE SHOTS!"

("You can tell we're K-Smell; we yell!")

Next you'll hear 30-minute airchecks of:

Ross & Wilson (Z93, Atlanta) —A classic example of a well- prepared, funny show, with lots of characters & show features. You'll quickly understand how these guys leapfrogged from Baton Rouge to Atlanta (knocking off the longtime #1 jock) to WABC/New York. Just a few years later, Ross crossed the street to join Scott Shannon in creating the legendary (and incredibly influential) Z Morning Zoo.

Deano Day (WCXI/Detroit) — A giant among country radio personalities and one of the most popular DJs in Detroit's history.

The Greaseman (WAPE/Jacksonville) — There's no way to
describe what the Greaseman does; you've got to hear it. I can say
this, however: He does tend to get a bit off-color...but his audience
loves him (which explains why when working in the nation's 55th
largest market, he was paid more than most Top 10 market personalities). An absolutely brilliant writer/performer (although all of
his "writing" was ad-libbed).

Bobby Ocean (KFRC/San Francisco) — Bobby Ocean,
leaving KFRC, leaving San Francisco? Unthinkable! But here's the aircheck of Bobby's farewell program. Was he really a bit tipsy as he listed his "bequeathals" to the radio colleagues he was leaving

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