Dan O'Day's Radio & Voice Over Seminars
Larry Lujack, Gary Owens,
Dr. Don Rose, Charlie Tuna

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Personal recommendation from Dan O’Day:

Dan O'Day These telescoped airchecks weren’t recorded off the
radio. Each of them comes from 7 ˝ ips tapes that
each of these radio giants sent me — "way back
when" — especially for this project. Save this for your
next long drive, because it’ll take you on a wonderful
radio journey.

f you're not a true fan of personality radio, this ain't for you. But if
you're a fan or practitioner of the art of using a microphone, your
brain and your voice to reach out and grab the listener with a grip so
tight they can't escape — you've come to the right place.

Larry Lujack (WLS, Chicago)
Gary Owens (KMPC/Los Angeles)
Dr. Don Rose (KFRC/San Francisco)
Charlie Tuna (KHJ/Los Angeles)

…PLUS the legendary "Ultimate Contest" promo, voiced by Jack

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with some high-powered inspiration

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(2-Hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)