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Would It Help Your Business If You Could Get
Virtually Anyone To Return Your Phone Call?

Rot only will these real-world techniques and strategies
immediately increase your percentage of returned calls from prospects; I’ll also demonstrate these techniques in action by
critiquing real messages and then "rewriting" them for you.

This is the only audio seminar in the world that puts its money
where its mouth is by applying its teachings to real voice mail messages left by real account executives.

You Will Learn:

  • The Three Underlying Precepts of successful voice mail

  • Your Seven Primary Voice Mail Tools

  • How people prioritize their callbacks (and how you can take optimum advantage of the human psychology that motivates

  • Nineteen Successful Voice Mail Principles

  • The two questions you must be able to answer before you
    leave a voice mail message

  • How to make the prospect eager to return your call

  • Your rate of speech — no one has told you this before.

  • The Totem Pole Principle

  • What most salespeople say that signals to the prospect, “I'm
    not a key player at my company.” (And how you easily can
    avoid it.)

  • The three words that immediately distance you from your prospect. (Most people who leave voice mail messages
    make this mistake.)

  • How to avoid “paralyzing your prospect with choice.” (Many salespeople commit this error, and it greatly reduces their
    callback percentages.)

  • Your single most potent tool

  • The BIG Secret Weapon of Successful Voice Mail: Only
    the most successful sales pro's even know this exists. Once
    you start using it, you'll
    double or even triple your callback
    rate virtually overnight.

  • How to use referrals effectively

  • What your “Call To Action” should be — and how it should
    be delivered

  • How to leave successful voice mail messages that don't
    even include your phone number (!)

  • The one step to take before you call a prospect to invite
    them to attend an event

  • The very best way to leave a difficult-to-spell name

  • Commonly used phrases that absolutely destroy voice mail response rates

  • Five Secret Weapons you can start using immediately —
    that your competitors don't even know about

  • How to be 100% prepared for the callback

  • Cold Lines: You won't learn this anywhere else, because it's
    a concept that I originated. How to get complete strangers —
    100% “cold calls” — to call you back!

  • Fifteen different Cold Lines that you can begin using

  • Referral Cold Lines — Examples that you can adapt, word-
    for-word, for cold calls which utilize some sort of a “referral”

  • Pre-Existing Relationships The types of voice mail
    messages you leave when cold-calling should be different
    than those you leave for someone with whom you've already
    done business...or at least have spoken to before.

  • The single most important factor in getting a voice mail
    message returned from a pre-existing relationship

  • Stealth Tactics — Your voice mail messages can appear alongside all of your competitors' messages. Or you can
    employ these six different, unconventional approaches to
    make a strong impression... and get your calls returned.

  • The Hail Mary Principle

  • Hail Mary Tactics

  • The Two Numbers To Measure

You’ll learn all of these principles and techniques with the aid of
actual recordings of 20 different voice mail messages left
by salespeople
— followed by detailed critiques and my
suggested rewrites of those messages.

In other words, I won't just teach you a proven, real-world
system for getting your voice mail messages returned; I’ll
actually demonstrate how to apply this system to real voice
mail messages
so you can see for yourself how easy it is to
increase your response rate.

Download your mp3 copy now for just $79.
(2-Hour, 6-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)    

Verbatim Reviews

“Dan, thank you for creating this product, ‘GUERRILLA TACTICS FOR GETTING YOUR VOICE MAIL MESSAGES RETURNED.’ I am amazed at the depth of understanding and the clarity you give to such a vitally important subject about communication.

Since the recipient of voice mail messages only gets the choice of words and the voice tones we use, WITHOUT seeing our physical expressions going alongside, it's all the more significant that we make sure those two components of our message have clarity and alignment. Thank you for the incredible job you have done in putting together this amazing training material!”
— Kennon Fort

Excellent! Jam-Packed with Usable Stuff! Dan's program is the best I've encountered. Example after example of before and after voice mail messages that sales people - or anyone who wants to leave professional messages that are more likely to be returned - will benefit from.”
— Nick Nichols

Get your voicemail messages returned! As a sales person who struggles with unreturned messages, I have found this program to be extremely useful.

After listening, I immediately began applying Dan's techniques and have had a huge increase in returned calls.

I recommend this program to any sales professional who uses a phone to contact prospects and clients.”
— Christopher Spaulding

Great approach to a mundane task. Don't know anyone who likes cold calling. This offers a fresh approach with some excellent ideas.

If you want a callback, here's how you do it.

One great idea is scripting your calls. We all know we should do it, but far too many of us wing it.

I'm listening for the third time. This course makes a difference. ”
— John Tietjen

Very practical — and obviously of long experience. Great program, Dan. It's clearly the result of long experience, thought, and trial and error.

It incorporates both how to think about leaving voice mails as well as enough practical how-to to keep you busy for a long time. ”
— Dov Gordon

Great advice to get better results from your voicemail messages. Always hated leaving messages on phones. Sometimes people respond, more often they don't.

Love the ideas that have you break down the objectives for the message and different ways to approach the call. Helped me get more focused, more succinct and ultimately have more calls returned as a result.

The very specific examples and critique approach that Dan takes in this was a fabulous way of getting a real, rather than theoretical, idea across.

One of the most useful pieces of personal and business development material I've studied this year. ”
— Simon Smith

Download your mp3 copy now for just $79.
(2-Hour, 6-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)    

radio advertising expert

Dan O’Day is radio’s advertising and client retention guru.
He has taught radio stations, ad agencies and business
owners in 36 countries how to create radio advertising and
marketing strategies that work — that are a profit centers,
not expenses, for the business owner.

Download your mp3 copy now for just $79.
(2-Hour, 6-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)    

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