Dan O'Day's Radio & Voice Over Seminars

by Gary Burank

2-hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download!

Personal recommendation from Dan O'Day:

Dan O'Day
Gary Burbank is a genuine radio genius.
He does more things brilliantly than anyone
else I've ever heard...including writing and producing comedy of the highest level on a
daily basis.

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Gary Burbank

Mhis audio seminar delves into Gary Burbank's own
methods of developing characters that are funny, original,
and distinctive. (One of them ran for President of the United States...and got 16,000 votes!)

It's an in-depth look at the work of one of the greatest talents
ever to sit behind a microphone.

Among Burbank's best known characters: 

  • Earl Pitts (radio's longest running syndicated character)

  • Gilbert Gnarley (In my opinion, the greatest radio
    character ever)

  • Howlin' Blind Muddy Slim

  • Eunice & Bernice

  • Big Fat aka "The Big Fat Balding Guy With a Stubby
    Cigar in His Mouth and His Pants Half-Zipped"

Where do the inspirations for his characters come from?

How does he create a voice for a new character?

How does he enable his characters to "grow" over time —
rather than become tired and stale?

How does he continually come up with new material?

To what extent does he script his comedy features...and how
does he structure them so he knows they'll "work"?

How does he remain "in character" during even the most
upredictably uproarious bits?

Look, all I can tell you is: Gary Burbank might not be the
best all-around radio comedy performer there ever was. But
he's the best I've ever heard.

If you do radio comedy, I can't imagine your not loving (and
learning a lot from) this audio seminar.

 Download your mp3 copy now for just $29. 

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