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When A Whisper Becomes A Scream
by Nick Michaels

2-hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download!

Personal recommendation from Dan O'Day:

Dan O'Day
This is one of the most powerful (and important) presentations I've ever heard. Every radio
program director and every imaging director
needs to listen to Nick Michaels' prescription
for creating radio imaging that actually reaches
your audience...regardless of your format.

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Nick Michaels

Moiceover giant Nick Michaels has been called "one of the
most believable voices on earth."

His clients include major market television and radio station
stations across America.

CNN’s worldwide voice for topical promotion.

National commercials for major brands like Excedrin and Coca-

Blunt, brilliant, opinionated, and intensely creative, Nick will
change forever the way you perceive “radio imaging.”

You Will Learn:

  • The most effective way to deliver your promotional
    message. (Most stations do it exactly wrong.)

  • How to communicate more powerfully by making your
    station smaller

  • Powerful Weather imaging

  • Why facts are the enemy of a promotional script

  • Typically Bad Station Imaging: "Cheeseball Slogans In A
    Big Voice"

  • The one thing listeners don't want from a station promo
    ...that they usually get

  • Why “Doggie Commands” are wrong for your audience

  • Why words are your enemy

  • The casting technique that forces your target audience
    to listen

It's quite simple: If you're involved in radio programming or
station imaging, you this is an eye-opening, mind-expanding
learning experience you can't afford to miss.

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