Dan O'Day's Radio & Voice Over Seminars

by Tim Sanders

76-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!

Tim Sanders
Tim Sanders

A personal message from Dan O'Day: If you are expecting a
"self-help" or "personal improvement" seminar, please do not
download this seminar. This is a real-world "business" seminar for
managers who want to become great leaders in the workplace. It's
great stuff — and just one of Tim's tips has changed the way I
interact with people…forever.

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Verbatim Reviews
“Absolutely incredible! Most amazing session I’ve ever
been to.”

“Best session I’ve ever seen or heard. I was hooked from
beginning to end.”

“This session will affect my work when I get home. Plus it
will affect me outside the office as well. I learned how to
read people, how to set the emotional tone at work, and a
lot of useful techniques that will help me keep people
motivated and focused on accomplishing their jobs.”

“Fantastic! Such important lessons for managers. Often,
people who are skilled programmers have limited people
skills. Thank you for going outside the traditional radio
to deal with issues of treating your people as
more than just part of the product.”

“Valuable info for radio which could apply in many others
situations and businesses. AWESOME presentation!”

 Download your mp3 copy now for just $29.
(90-Minute Audio Seminar, Instant Download) 

You will learn:

  • The third success factor (in addition to hard work and talent)

  • How to harness emotions to create productive relationships

  • Why the PD must have more Emotional Talent than the rest of
    the group

  • How a strong PD can overcome emotional gravity

  • How a high performance jerk can destroy a station

  • How to never hire the wrong talent

  • How to win your staff in the halls so that you can win the
    audience over the air

  • How to make yourself emotionally attractive

  • How to develop your Emotional Value Proposition

  • How to develop your company’s Emotional Compensation Plan

  • Likeability as a skill that you can develop

  • How to bring out the best in other people (both the people above
    you and the people who work for you)

  • The four skill sets you should work on

  • How to avoid creating Horizontal Turnover

  • 3 e-mail rules to follow, to make your employees happier

  • Deep Listening

  • Powerless Listening (that’s a good skill)
 Download your mp3 copy now for just $29.
(90-Minute Audio Seminar, Instant Download) 

Ross Brittain

Tim Sanders, best-selling author of THE LIKEABILITY FACTOR and
former Yahoo! Leadership Coach, has the unique ability to transform
interpersonal and social skills into success in the workplace. Yes,
even in Radio.

 Download your mp3 copy now for just $29.
(90-Minute Audio Seminar, Instant Download)