Dan O'Day's Radio & Voice Over Seminars

by BJ Bueno

1-hour, 43 minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!

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Personal recommendation from Dan O'Day:
This exclusive presentation to a roomful of radio programmers is one of
the highest-rated rated seminars in the history of PD Grad School.
Listen to the audio sample below and you’ll understand why.

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ould you like your radio station to have not just “listeners” but enthusiastic, ultra-loyal enthusiasts who voluntarily serve as “evangelists” for your station brand?

You will learn:

  • Why so many brands fail

  • How to build your own radio station’s Cult Brand

  • The Seven Golden Rules of Cult Brands

  • How your radio brand can (and should) sell lifestyles

  • How to create Cult Brand Evangelists

  • How to create Customer Communities

  • How your brand can draw power from your enemies

  • The behind-the-scenes stories of some of the greatest Cult
 Download your mp3 copy now for just $29.
(1-hour, 43 minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download) 

"Probably the best session EVER at PD GRAD SCHOOL. I loved that BJ showed specific examples and tied it directly to radio.”

“BJ’s knowledge and experience made every single point stick with me. This will, without a doubt, change my job!”

“A whole new way of thinking about programming and marketing my station. I’m really going to be able to change the dynamics of my station!

“This gave me a clear outline of what to do to know my customers and what I need to do to make my customers love my station.”

“BJ’s a branding genius. His rules make it easy to go back home and transform our station.

 Download your mp3 copy now for just $29.
(1-hour, 43 minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download) 

BJ Bueno,POWER OF CULT BRANDING FOR RADIO,radio programming,marketing,radio seminar,mp3 download.PD Grad School
With clients such as Coke, Apple, and The
Magic of David Copperfield, BJ Bueno is
in an elite class of creative strategists.
He’s the co-author of the best-selling
. Bueno advises companies
such as Target, Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us and
JC Penny on their retail, advertising and
marketing efforts.

 Download your mp3 copy now for just $29.
(1-hour, 43 minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download)   

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