Dan O'Day's Radio & Voice Over Seminars

by Patrick Fraley

2-hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download!

Most voice actors and radio production people think "Character
Voices" = "Funny Voices."

But a successful character voice is a character, not just a voice.

Patrick Fraley will teach you the same methods he uses to develop
an astonishing array of long-lived characters. These aren't
"theoretical exercises"; he's built his own extraordinary career by
putting these techniques to use every day.

You'll be amazed at how quickly and effortlessly you will be able to
create fresh, original characters.

Fraley has created voices for over 4,000 animated characters during
the past 35 years — putting him among the Top 10 animation voice
artists of all time. He's provided voices for films like MONSTERS INC.
and TOY STORY II and such TV shows as Scooby Doo and King of
the Hill.

Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson and one of Pat's students)
says, "Pat's techniques cover everything the pros in the industry
expect you to know, but nobody else teaches!"

You Will Learn:
  • The Nine Critical Skills for voiceover excellence

  • The importance of Versatility — and how to maximize yours

  • The Six Character Voice Elements — with exercises to develop

  • Easy tricks to greatly expand the range of the people in your
    workplace for helping in voicing spots

  • Dealing with, overcoming, and actually using your fear

  • Business & Marketing tips

  • Character Archetypes

  • How to turn bad impressions into standout characters

  • Insider Trick #1: Mel Blanc's astonishingly simple method of
    creating a 100% real-sounding baby's cry

  • Insider Trick #2: How to sound like you're eating when talking

  • Insider Trick #3: How to do a terrific Indian accent, effortlessly.
    (Not well enough to portray Ghandi in a film, but good enough for
    a few lines in a commercial or bit.)

  • Insider Trick #4: Robert Duvall's secret for portraying characters
    much older than he is. (It couldn't be easier. Once you learn this,
    you'll use it again & again.)
Download your mp3 copy now for just $39.
(2-hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)    

"I was blown away by this workshop. I love Patís real-world examples. His ability to communicate his knowledge is easy to understand, even though he is light-years ahead of everyone."

"This was truly mind-opening. My understanding of voiceover has grown hugely!"

"Very valuable, useful tools & techniques that I can take back and apply in my work immediately!"

"Wow! All the performance techniques are mind-boggling. Just a few minor adjustments can create a wealth of diverse characters."

"While his talent seems God-given, I was impressed with his ability to break down actual techniques that can be used to create a seemingly unlimited number of characters and ‘real-sounding’ voices."

"Absolutely fantastic! I hung on every word. I will use so much of what I learned in my voice work!"

Download your mp3 copy now for just $39.
(2-hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)    

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