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An Insider’s Secrets of How To Sell More
Automobile Dealer Accounts
and Keep Them Longer
by Don Pelham

2-Hour, 22-Minute Audio Seminar + Study Guide; Instant Download!

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Dan O'DayIf your radio station or advertising agency has any
automobile dealer clients, you need to learn what
Don Pelham will teach you.

Downloading this audio seminar should be the
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Why Should You Listen To Don Pelham?

Don Pelham

Don Pelham knows the car dealer advertising business from both

The years he spent as a highly successful auto dealership general

...followed by his years as founder of an innovative, aggressive ad
agency (Don Pelham & Associates) that has taught automobile
dealers around the country how to become smart radio advertisers.

You Will Learn....

The four auto dealer personality types (and how to sell to each

The four people you must get to know at the dealership

Car Dealer Jargon: Learning to speak their language will make it easier for you to create a profitable partnership with them.

The Top Ten Marketing Mistakes car dealers make

The real decision maker at the car dealership

How to reach the decision maker

The one thing you never should say when trying to get past the auto dealer’s gatekeeper

The meeting you need to schedule before you make your “pitch”

The Four Key Questions to ask that will set you apart from (and above) your competition

Teaching your car dealer client the smart way to evaluate the success of an advertising campaign. (Most radio stations set themselves up for failure by not understanding and then
teaching this to the client.)

The one thing you need to eliminate from your “pitch” — immediately

The one thing your “pitch” should focus on — but probably doesn’t

The two things most radio salespeople do that guarantee the automobile dealer won’t buy

The one type of arrangement the auto dealer never will agree to (and which can kill any deal)

Why bringing a “leave behind” to your first meeting almost
certainly dooms the sale

How to overcome the car dealer’s objection that “radio doesn’t

The 51% - 49% Partnership

How and why to stop trying for the quick sale and instead
convert the car dealer to a lifetime advertiser

 Download your mp3 copy + Study Guide now for just $79.
(2-Hour, 22-Minute Audio Seminar + PDF Study Guide;
Instant Download) 

Includes Your Own Detailed Study Guide

Don will be sharing a lot of valuable "inside" information with you.
The Study Guide will help you organize, understand, and remember it

 Download your mp3 copy + Study Guide now for just $79.
(2-Hour, 22-Minute Audio Seminar + PDF Study Guide;
Instant Download)  

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