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Gary Burbank

Personal recommendation from Dan O’Day:

Dan O'Day

You see that guy pictured above? He's the best, most talented radio personality I've ever heard. Nobody else even comes close.

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n up-close-and-personal look at the guy many people say is the best disc jockey ever. Gary Burbank does more things brilliantly than any other jock I've ever heard:

Brilliant characters (Earl Pitts, Gilbert Gnarley, etc.)....

Musical parodies....

Fall-down-funny sketch comedy....

Razor-sharp topical satire....

With a 100% original mind.

Oh, yeah: He was #1 in every market he worked — including an astonishing 25-year run doing the afternoon show in Cincinnati.
  • Secrets of developing characters

  • How to stay topical

  • How to involve your audience

  • How to attract a volunteer staff of comedy writers
If you're a fan or a practitioner of personality radio, you're in for an incredibly delicious treat.

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(97-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)

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