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Radio Station’s “Digital Staff” Tags Along on Sales Calls

radio and online ad sales Over the past few years some radio groups have begun sending a member of their “digital staff” along with account executives on sales calls.

That way, the digital team can add its “expertise” in designing a successful ad campaign for the client.

I believe they also throw around the word “synergy” a lot.

A Loyal Reader forwarded to me these notes that accompanied a copy order from a radio station account exec to the station’s commercial producer…

…complete with the lack of punctuation, spacing between words, etc.

The campaign will be driving people to the website but the url isn’t developed yet. (Radio Company) is building the website. Copy points: (URL — don’t have one yet, but it will go here)

(Client) has two goals so two spots is fine remodeling high end homes only (Luxury remodeling)kitchens, baths, whole home luxury garden homes-targeting people who want to downsize from their large homes to a 2500-3000 sqr foot garden home but not miss out on the luxurious items luxury living the goal is to drive leads to the website.

The account exec apparently believes:

1) There’s enough information there from which to build a successful radio commercial campaign.

2) There’s no need to give listeners a reason to visit the not-yet-built website. Once they have a URL, “leads” magically will go to there.

To get listeners to go to an advertiser’s website, it should be either to get something or to do something.

Get Something: “Download Your Free Copy of 33 Ways to Downsize Your Home without Sacrificing the Luxury You Deserve.”

Do Something: “Take our 3-minute Perfect Home for Me diagnostic quiz for immediate, personalized recommendations for downsizing your home without sacrificing the luxury you deserve.’

“Go to our website so you can be a lead” doesn’t qualify as a worthwhile Call to Action.