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LEARNING ACCENTS & DIALECTS {Video #2}: “Game of Thrones” Coaching

Here’s the second installment in a 3-part interview with the guy who’s become known as “the” person for an actor, voice actor or audiobook narrator to go to for accent and/or dialect coaching.

This 16-minute video includes:

* Game of Thrones —  coaching actors in both “Duthruckie” and “Valerian”

* Two things to avoid when looking for accents on YouTube

* Success milestones you should look for when learning dialects

* A closer examination of the Yorkshire accent

* Estuary accents

* The 3 ways for you to use the IPA (and the problem with the commonly prescribed “Broad Transcription” usage)

* The biggest thing that gets in the way of people doing accents

* Jim decodes my own speech pattern to identify where I grew up

We still have half a dozen “accent/dialect” videos ahead of us. Want us to let you know when they’re ready? Join the Alert List at https://danoday.com/the-accents-class.

How to speak Duthruckie and Valerian