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Radio Commercial Can’t Even Get Its Clichés Right

Once, during a radio copywriting workshop I conducted for a state broadcasters association, I mocked the use of clichés in commercial copy.

This offended a station account executive in the audience.

“Clichés must work,” she said. “Otherwise, people wouldn’t use them all the time.”

Um…Well,  no.

Copywriters use clichés either because they’re lazy or, more likely, they don’t know any better.

Here’s How Clichés Hurt Radio Commercial Copy

When you resort to clichés in your commercial copy, you invite listeners…to stop listening.

“You can lead a horse to water, but…”

“A bird in the hand is…”

“An ounce of prevention is…”

Each time you complete one of those in your mind, you no longer are actively listening to the spot.

If You Insist Upon Using Clichés, at Least Get Them Right.

5-Step Radio Copywriting System

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