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If you’re a radio personality, I know exactly how much detailed, constructive feedback you receive from your program director:

Not enough.

Your continued improvement as an air personality should not be contingent upon how much feedback you get from your PD. It’s your career, your responsibility.

Automatically record every show you do.

Listen to every program.

For the things you do well:

1.  Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.

2.  Mentally explore other opportunities to repeat or expand those quality moments. Have you discovered a fresh new character? A catch phrase? A better way to begin your phone calls?

For The Things That Need Improvement

1.  Don’t beat yourself up about them. All creative performers have room for improvement.

In fact, that’s one key difference between the amateur and the professional: The professional always has room for improvement.

2.  When you hear a break that didn’t go as smoothly as you would have liked, ask yourself why. Ask how you could have made it work.

That break wasn’t unsuccessful because of some unknowable outside force. It was something you did. Or didn’t do.

Figure it out.

3.  Whenever you hear some aspect of your performance that needs improving, make note of it. Keep a written list of things you want to improve.

Each week, choose just one item on that list to consciously focus on. Not only will that aspect of your performance improve; your subconscious mind simultaneously will be working on the other items on your list, too.

Update your list regularly.

“Strengths” and “Weaknesses” are both comparative and dynamic.

“Comparative” means your strength in one area is measured against your strengths in other areas.

“Dynamic” means that as you grow as a performer, some weaknesses disappear while some strengths lessen (often through neglect).

If you’re a program director who understands the importance of giving regular, constructive feedback to your hosts…

Or if you’re a radio personality who isn’t receiving the kind of regular feedback you deserve…

You might want to download The Art of the Aircheck Critique.