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A Loyal Reader Asks:

1)  How often should station imaging for an Oldies station be updated?

2)  How often should programming promos be updated (ones that promote shows on the station and/or features)?

3)  Is it still true one of listeners’ biggest pet peeves is when announcers talk over songs?

4)  Promotions: Would listeners rather have a chance to win a large prize or small prizes?

5)  Any ideas for station swag when the station has a small budget?

6  Any advice to new morning shows who are being overshadowed by the market leader?

7)  How important is ‘the play along factor’ for listeners who don’t
participate in radio contests?

8)  Should there always be an instant prize AND a chance at winning something large?

1)  Long after the PD complains that he’s sick of it.

2)  No formula. Depends upon the program, station, audience, frequency, etc.

3)  Yes.

4)  If they feel they have an equal chance at either? Obviously, a good large prize. But that assumes a perception of equal winning opportunity. Beyond that, you should get this:

5)  Yes. See #4, above.

6)  Yes.

7)  Extremely.

8)  No.

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  • Biff January 31, 2012, 10:23 am

    1) Change your imaging when your image changes. You can’t build a brand by randomly or whimsically. (NBC has been using the same three notes to identify their brand for decades. Three simple notes and you instantly know you’re listening to NBC… that takes time and patience.)
    5) Find some item your listeners would like to have and share the costs with a trusted & reputable client/sponsor… put your logo(s) on their product and trade as much of the cost as you can with (quality) air-time.
    6) Lots and lots of legwork. Shake hands, kiss babies, volunteer, get in front of crowds, be a sincere and active member of the community… and be someone they can like and would like to know better.
    7) The ‘play along factor” is HUGE. But nowadays trivia based contests have to be constructed to prevent listeners from “Google-ing” the answer. It’s a bit more work… but it’s doable.
    that’s all for now… I’ve gotta get back to resume writing! lol

  • Don Collett January 31, 2012, 10:26 am

    Well, I guess I’d better stop talking over intros. 🙂 How can I have spent a quarter-century in the business and never have heard that until now?

  • Biff January 31, 2012, 10:30 am

    Sorry… there was a cut & paste error in my post, that first line should read:
    “1) Change your imaging when your image changes. You can’t build a brand by randomly or whimsically altering the sound of your imaging simply due to its age.