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Today is the day commemorated throughout the world: The first day of my second full calendar year of blogging.

For the millions of people gathered in living rooms, churches and pubs to good-naturedly argue about which of my blog postings is their favorite, here’s a quick review of the Best Of The Best from 2009, to refresh their memories.

Alan David Doane shared a A Shocking True Tale About Christmas Advertising.

Larry Rosin explained why “radio” is a “retroynym.”

In the words of one reader, “Wow… that is stunning! Those two guys are freakin’ good!” (And they really are.)

A bunch of us (starting with me) shared our most embarrassing on-air radio goofs.

My favorite radio jingle

I shared an aircheck of John Landecker’s very first air shift.

The jingle for crappy radio sales promotions

Finalist, Biggest Lie Ever Told In A Radio Commercial

The radio industry falls for another scam

The Twuth About Twitter (video)

A shoo-in for the Bad Radio Commercial Hall of Fame

A guide to Facebook etiquette (video)

Dave Foxx & Son’s brilliant voiceover video

A voiceover artist’s desperate plea (video)

The unedited version: How To Make Yourself Even More Unpopular With Radio Executives (video)

Calling in the army to make a bed (video)

What do you do when it’s time to leave?

Sales/Client Relationships in Real-World Situations (video)

Radio station GM declares, “I’ll guarantee your success!” (vide0)

Radio (Mis)Management

ELLIE GREENWICH: Thank You For The Great Songs and for Not Suing Me

A music video, literally rendered

A video for radio production & voiceover folks

John Landecker and the spirit of radio (video)

John Landecker Radio Video, Part Two

A pirated voiceover video

How to turn down a radio job offer

Women on the radio (Urban Legend #1447)

I refuse to surrender.

A revealing radio video with Howard Hoffman.

Radio: It takes a real jock…

And that’s way it was, on this blog, in 2009.

Next year? More of the same, except for the new stuff.

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  • George Reed January 2, 2010, 8:33 am


    I just found your blog for the first time. Great stuff! I’m adding it to my collection.


  • Debra Grobman January 2, 2010, 3:06 pm

    Thank you Dan! These are brilliant. Continue talking Radio in to 2010!