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Dan O'Day

This 2-hour mp3 recording is a must-have for any
aficionado of personality radio...including some
rarities you won't find anywhere else.

BASEMENT TAPES Rare Radio Airchecks Landecker Ingram Imus Greaseman

Sample of The Greaseman at WAXC/Rochester

Click on player above to hear a sample!

Allan Freed (WJW/Cleveland, 1954)

John Landecker's First Radio Words — in high school!
(WOIA/Lansing, 1965)*

John Landecker (WOIA/Lansing, 1966)

John Landecker (WILS/Lansing, 1968)

Rick Dees (WKIX/Raleigh, 1973) — still in college, doing nights!

Rick Dees (WSGN/Birmingham, 1974)

Larry Lujack & WCFL Say Goodbye to Rock 'n' Roll

Jay Thomas (WAPE/Jacksonville, 1973)

Jay Thomas (WAYS/Charlotte, 1974)

The Greaseman (WENE/Endicott, 1972)* — doing a countdown

The Greaseman (WAXC/Rochester, 1972)*

The Greaseman (WRC/Washington, 1973)

The Greaseman (WPOP/Hartford, 1974)

Ross Brittain (WIIN/Atlanta, 1975)* — including his "kazoo"
National Anthem sign-off!

Dan Ingram (KBOX/Dallas, 1959)

Don Imus (WNBC/New York, 1972)

Charlie Tuna (KOMA/Oklahoma City, 1966)

The Real Don Steele (KOIL/Omaha, 1962)

KHJ Boss Radio - The First Week! (Los Angeles, 1965)

Bobby Ocean (KYNO/Fresno, 1968) — as "Johnny Scott!"

Kenny Everett (BBC Radio 4/England, 1973)

Gary Burbank (WAKY/Louisville, 1974)

Gary Burbank's Last Day (WAKY/Louisville, 1975) — you won't
believe this one; worth the price of the entire package!

(* NOTE: The four cuts marked with an asterisk have poor audio
quality, great historical value! The rest are excellent quality.)

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