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  • I've heard audiobooks are an awful lot of work compared to on-camera and other VO work, for similar or less money. True?
  • Is audiobook work SAG-AFTRA and ACTRA approved?
  • Are there specialized audiobook acting classes you need to do audiobook work?
  • I know how to create an on-camera reel do I create an audiobook reel?
  • I've heard horror stories about ACX from other actors, where they took on projects and made no money. Is this common?
  • I've also done a fair amount of voice over work. Does that give me an edge over actors who haven't done VO?
  • What kind of equipment do I need to record from home? What kind of budget?
  • How viable is the audio book world for those of us with less experience or, frankly, no audiobook experience?
  • Is it realistic to make your book Narration a full time pursuit?

Download Your Actor's Guide to Audiobook Narration

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