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VOICE ACTING: How To Target Any
Script’s Emotional Intensity Sweet Spot
by Nancy Wolfson

2-Hour, 54-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!

hen voice over artists read a commercial script’s specs — or are being directed by a producer or casting director — often they’re asked to deliver a performance with “intensity.”

But what do they really mean by "intensity"?

  • If you're a voice actor, for the first time you'll be able to refer
    to your own, personalized “last check” filter before making
    your final choices and submitting your audition.

  • If you’re a radio producer, you’ll find it much easier to get
    better performances from yourself or from others via the same
    “last check” filter.

  • You’ll learn what producers or casting directors really mean
    when they ask for “energy” or “intensity.”

  • The four different Energy to Volume Ratios: How to know
    which to apply, and how to produce it on demand

  • The two different types of Energy

  • Urgency vs. Volume

  • Controlled Import vs. Loud Volumes

  • Energy and Vocal Tension

  • Your Natural Voice vs. your need to control your volume

Sample Attendee Review

          “This workshop gave us the best tool I’ve ever seen to help voice
          over artists find their characters.”

 Download your mp3 copy now for just $79.
(2-Hour, 54-Minute Audio Seminar, Instant Download) 

Nancy Wolfson voice over teacher mp3 seminar

Nancy Wolfson has had a profound effect on the voiceover world as
a Voiceover & Branding Coach, Demo Producer, and e-Casting
Director. She has helped thousands of beginners, celebrities and
working pros “crack the code” that brings their performances to a
higher level than they ever dreamed they could achieve. In addition to
coaching, Nancy casts talent daily. Recent and ongoing clients
include Playboy, VH-1, Muzak, the NHL, Nickelodeon, Clear Channel
Communications, and The Cartoon Network.

 Download your mp3 copy now for just $79.
(2-Hour, 54-Minute Audio Seminar, Instant Download) 

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