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by Dan O'Day

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Personal message from Dan O'Day:

ave you noticed that your radio station faces more competition
than ever? Not just from other radio stations. You also compete with the Internet, TV, iPods, DVDs, DV-Rs, cell phones all vying for your audience's attention.

It’s no longer enough to play songs, provide information, and make a
lot of noise in the marketplace.

If you think you can win with “the best music mix” or “the best

Or “the most up-to-date information....”

Well, your competitors have access to the same music and

In the modern world of radio broadcasting, there is only one sure-fire
way to attract and keep a large, loyal audience.




This audio seminar will challenge the way you do just about
everything on your station.

It might make you uncomfortable, as you are forced to choose:

Do you want to continue to follow the radio herd, or do you want to
break away and become the leader of the pack?

Theory + Proof + Application

psychology that makes this form of radio so powerfully effective.
That’s the “theory.”

But like you, I’m a radio professional — not an academic in some
ivory tower. That’s why it’s important that I demonstrate to you —
from a variety of media and from “real life” itself — that the principles
I’m teaching you really do work.

That’s the “proof.”

Of course, the part you’ll be most interested in is:

“How can I incorporate these principles into my station’s (or
program’s) programming?”

I won’t just teach you the theory & principles and convince you that
they work. I’ll show you how you can begin applying them

That’s the “application” part.

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn.

  • The principle of “Time Expansion” as it applies to radio

  • Television news vs. radio news

  • How to harness your audience’s natural craving for “closure”

  • Three ways to create a context

  • The most powerful context

  • Context and branding

  • Context and relevance

  • Context and impact

  • Context and suspense

  • Context and surprise

  • The music context

  • The news context

  • Establishing a context with a name

  • Music and forward momentum

  • The single best way to create the listener sensation of “forward

  • The folly of “reading the map”

  • Why maintaining the listener’s interest is not enough

  • The 100% wrong way to test for "forward momentum" in a
    morning show.
    (You might already be paying your research
    company to do this — even thought it can ruin the show!)

  • What you always must do before giving information on-air

  • The most powerful method of holding onto the listener’s attention

  • How to let your listeners tell you exactly how to keep them
    involved in your programming. (No, I'm not talking about "focus
    groups," social media or audience surveys.)

  • The amazingly simple, incredibly effective Suspense Formula

  • The test that every news story you air must pass

  • The way in which many stations unknowngly decrease
    listenership with trivia contests

  • Creating uniqueness with Artificial Context. (This concept alone
    is worth the price of the seminar.)

  • How to convert “no context” into an audience-attracting context

  • Context and character

  • Context and relationships.

 Download your mp3 copy now for just $39.
(2-Hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download) 

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Dan O’Day
is radio’s leading air talent and
morning show coach, having coached leading
radio personalities and shows in 36 countries.

 Download your mp3 copy now for just $39.
(2-Hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download)   

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