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Dan O'Day has decided to stop producing PD GRAD SCHOOL.

We have limited supplies of the Complete Audio Recordings from several previous years. Please check out the list below.

Limited supplies of previous years'
Complete Audio Recordings:








Q: How many people attend PD GRAD SCHOOL?

A: Anywhere from 90 to 120.


Q: Is it only for American programmers?

A: No. Although 85% of our attendees do come from North America, we've had people attend from Australia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Guam, The Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, etc..


Q: Is this event event aimed at only certain formats?

A: No, it's not format-specific. Past attendees have been from stations programming CHR, AC, Classical, Country, News/Talk, Tejano, Spanish, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, AOR, Classic Rock, Gold, Alternative, Dance....


Q: Is it only for commercial radio people?

A: While most attendees work at commercial stations, we've always had programmers from non-commercial stations there, too.


Q: How does this differ from a convention?

A: It's much smaller, more intimate. We rarely have "panel sessions," because in our experience those tend to be filled with lots of empty talk and boasting but little real information. If you're looking for a big party with lots of hospitality suites & free booze, this isn't the place. There is a lot of laughing and it IS a lot of fun...but the focus is on WORK - on inundating you with tons of real-world, state-of-the-art ideas & techniques that you can take home and start using immediately to improve your station's programming and advance your career.


Q: How do you select your guest speakers?

A: We constantly survey program directors in an effort to find out what topics they most would like to learn more about. Then we compile a list of the most knowledgeable "experts" on those subjects. And then we do our best to convince, cajole or coerce the top people on each list to join us as guest speakers.


Q: Who are some of your past guest speakers?

A: Industry heavyweights like Scott Shannon....Randy Michaels....Guy Zapoleon....Mike McVay....Dick Orkin....Chuck Blore....Bobby Ocean....John Parikhal....Gary Owens....Dr. Don Rose....Bill Moyes....Larry Rosin....Michael Albl....Lew Dickey....Rob Balon....Mackie Morris....

....Well, you get the idea.


Q: When will you hold this event closer to where I live?

A: If you live in North America, it ain't getting any closer to you. It's all we can do to assemble an all-star cast of guest speakers once a year in Los Angeles; getting them to go "on the road" with us would be impossible.


Q: If my company signs on as a PD GRAD SCHOOL sponsor, will you put me on a panel or let me do a presentation there?

A: Sorry, no. The ONLY reason you'll ever see a guest speaker scheduled at PD GRAD SCHOOL is because Dan O'Day thinks that person will do a great job presenting a valuable topic.


Q: What was the single hottest PD GRAD SCHOOL session ever?

A: Although Dan O'Day would love to have you believe it was one of his presentations, the absolute hottest session was when Randy Michaels presented "Positioning Your Radio Station." Ask anyone who was there; it was awesome. (And the video is great, too.)


Q: I work in a small market (or am a student or unemployed). Can I attend for free...or at a discounted price?

A: Sorry, no.


"Excellent! I'll be here again next year!"

"This was my first, and I found it very informative & entertaining! See you next year!"

"Definitely worthwhile - sends me back reinvigorated, with some new ways to communicate to those whom I need to influence!"

"Definitely worthwhile! Discussions were open and easy to participate in. I'm leaving with some specific tools to make my radio station better. Speakers like HERB COHEN and AVERY SCHREIBER were brilliant and worth the journey!"

"I'll be back!"

"PD GRAD SCHOOL always gives me invaluable ideas and specifics to take home and implement immediately, as well as the seeds of longer-term theories, ideas and goals."

"FAR exceeded my hopes! Truly larger than the sum of its parts. Essential for anyone programming a radio station to experience this kind of professional and intellectual growth."

"I get to travel once per year. I have my choice between the (Big Radio Event) and PD GRAD SCHOOL. For the second year in a row, I feel I've chosen the event from which I take something to use when I get home."

"This was my first time at PD GRAD SCHOOL, and it was very enjoyable. I learned a lot and had the chance to hear various ideas from other markets."

"My second year, and again I got fired up by the weekend. Great event!"

"As usual, I'm taking home tons to use from the past two days!"

"Since this seminar was paid for by me, my expectations were high...and I wasn't disappointed!"

"I loved it! Great weekend! I'll be back next year."

"One of the best radio seminars I've been to. Next year I'm bringing along a jock or two. My attitude has been refreshed; I feel revitalized and excited once again!"

"The whole weekend was worthwhile. Everything can be used in real life."

"A ton of information! I expected a lot and am going away with more."

"It's helpful to spend two days with so many people who do what I do, have the same concerns, and can offer solutions. Lots of great info and techniques to take back."

"Excellent mix of the mechanical and the philosophical. Very little wasted time (unlike many workshops). Nice relaxed atmosphere - made learning pleasant!"

"The absolute best radio seminar ever! Loved it!"

"So much useful information! I'll be back for more next year!"

"The weekend was very worthwhile; I have lots of good ideas to take back...mostly in the ways I'll try to do my job and motivate (or deal with) my staff. It's good to really concentrate on your product for two days."

"Great ideas presented by experts. The 'hall talk' with top drawer programmers really makes what you're learning become more relevant and usable!"

"I felt comfortable & relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed associating with other radio types. This weekend made me more passionate about radio. I'll be back!"

"As always, an excellent kick in the pants. A great combination of new information, new implications of known information, and great review of important info that's easy to lose sight of."

"It was wonderful to make new friends. The weekend gave me new ways to approach my job, especially in guiding my staff in both the basics and the first steps of more advanced elements of their jobs."

"My fourth year of PD GRAD SCHOOL was just as fresh and relevant as the first."

"Very worthwhile and informative."

"Definitely the best investment of my career!"

"This was a great learning experience. I hope I can come again next year!"

"Another fantastic weekend! Already looking forward to my fifth PD GRAD SCHOOL!"

"My second year for this, and it's still the single best learning experience I've had as a PD."

"The chance to meet other radio people is definitely one of the best parts."

"Definitely worth the money! I don't know of any other way to learn so much about programming so quickly!"

"I can't wait a whole year for the next one!"

"Really enjoyed the whole weekend! I think I learned just as much from 'networking' with the other participants outside of the classroom."

"I find each year at PD GRAD SCHOOL a GREAT learning experience!"

"This was so great! I'm stealing every idea I heard!"

"Great weekend. A wealth of information & motivation."

"First one I've attended. I always feel that if I can come away with one or two new things, I've done well. This one seminar has given me much more than that. I'm pumped up to get back to work!"

"I'm going back with lots of good ideas."

"I'm walking away tired, but I also want more. Thanks for a great weekend! I will be back!"

"I learned tons more than I expected to. The guest speakers were great!"

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