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Personal recommendation from Dan O’Day:

Dan O'Day

When I teach this method at my high-priced live
seminars, people just go nuts over it. It’s fast,
powerful...and it works.

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hen Dan O’Day told attendees at the International Radio Creative &
Production Summit that they each were going to write a real commercial for one of their own clients in just five minutes, you can be sure that some were skeptical.

When he added that after the first one, they’d be writing five more in just
five minutes each
....Well, let’s just say not everyone simply took his word
for it.

But then O’Day led them through a unique system that actually forced them
to write quickly and with great originality. The results were phenomenal.

He’ll walk you through this system step-by-step in this audio seminar; it’s
not at all difficult.

You’ll hear O’Day explain the method and demonstrate it himself, as he
performs three commercials he wrote via this method in a total of 15

You’ll hear his exact instructions and coaching to the attendees as they do
it themselves...and then you’ll hear some of their “five-minute”

You’ll be blown away by the quality and uniqueness of the work they
produced (even though they might’ve been skeptical when they began).

Sample Attendee Reviews:

“What an amazing concept! I was so surprised at the stuff that came out of me. This is a wonderful, concrete tool I can use every day to write more emotional, original copy. This is one of the neatest sessions you’ve ever done!”

“It seems so simple, but I never thought of working this way. I was able to come up with six completely different spots that were great — that I would not have come up with otherwise!”

Just a few days after the Summit ended, O’Day received an e-mail from one of the attendees:

“I am happy to report to you that the actual client I wrote spots for in the ‘Writing To A Different Drummer’ session absolutely loved the spots. Prior to my trip to L.A., the client had been using the same spot for 18 months and would not change! In fact, they used the same copy with different talent/music on another station.

“At the ‘Different Drummer’ session I came up with fresh ideas that truly speak to the listeners’ deepest needs, wants and fears. The result is a client that is blown away — and a very happy Sales Manager. THANK YOU!”

Here is what that client said to the station’s Account Executive
regarding two of the commercials that attendee created (in a total of 10 minutes, remember):

“I'm an old agency guy and I tell you what: These are the most wonderful ads I've seen created in a long time. Please pass along my highest compliments to whoever created them. They are genius.”

If you’re a copywriter or producer: Would you mind if clients talked that way about your work?

If you’re an account executive: Would you mind if your clients reacted like that every time you gave them a new advertising campaign?

Download your mp3 copy right now for just $29.
(79-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)

Dan O'Day is radio’s commercial copywriting guru. He has taught
radio stations, ad agencies and business owners in 34 countries how
to create radio advertising that works — that is a profit, not an
expense, for the advertiser.

Download your mp3 copy right now for just $29.
(79-Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!)

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