Dan O'Day's Radio & Voice Over Seminars

by Dave Foxx

2.5-Hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download!

Personal recommendation from Dan O'Day:
I’ve worked with Dave Foxx on several projects, all designed to bring
top quality radio imaging and radio production information to producers
around the world. While “production geeks” always are blown away by
Dave’s technical knowledge, I'm always impressed by the generosity
with which Dave openly shares all his “tricks” and techniques with his
fellow audio producers.

very high for all radio imaging specialists. For 2.5 hours, Dave shares
his endless bag of tricks for creating ear-catching, attention-grabbing,
audience-pleasing, ratings-enhancing station imaging.

ow do you create a spot or promo? Do you dive right in, get a
script, have someone (maybe yourself) voice it, start cutting &
pasting, and then think about music and effects and grab
whatever is handy to polish the whole thing up? If so, Dave
Foxx will forever change the way you approach radio production.

  • Secrets of radio imaging success

  • How to get Dave’s job!

  • The growth pattern of a promo (step-by-step within the station),
    from concept to finished product (with real case studies)

  • Interplay with drop-ins

  • Your 5 Key Imaging Tools

  • Tactical use of natural sound effects

  • Working sound effects into the music

  • How to use sound effects libraries

  • Finding the matching beats vs. beat matching

  • Which services Dave uses

  • What Creativity is. (You won’t find it in your work station.)

  • The two kinds of comedy Dave uses

  • Branding with power intros

  • A music station’s most important asset (aside from the music
    you play)

  • How to get “artist drops” even when you can’t get to the artist

  • Why & how to use listeners in promos

  • Unlimited source of great listener-voiced jock shouts

  • Texture & speed

  • Exactly how he always processes his own voice

  • What branding really is

  • 3 most common mistakes of a bad promo

  • Dave’s very favorite microphone

  • What work station he uses

  • Exactly what type of compression he uses

  • His two favorite effects: “Inverse Masking,” “Permanent Flange”
 Download your mp3 copy now for just $39.
(2.5-Hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download) 

DAVE FOXX RADIO IMAGING SWISS ARMY KNIFE mp3 download Dave Foxx is Creative Services Director of
Z100/New York. (“I get up in the morning, walk
into a padded room filled with toys, and every
two weeks they give me money.”) He has won
dozens of production awards, produced a
platinum record, and is “the voice guy” for
dozens of radio stations from Bakersfield and
New York to Tokyo and Paris.

 Download your mp3 copy now for just $39.
(2.5-Hour Audio Seminar; Instant Download)   

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