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When The Client Insists on Voicing The Radio Commercial

car dealer voices radio commercial

Radio station salespeople, creative directors, and producers face this all too often: clients who insist on voicing their own radio commercials.

Some business owners do an excellent job of talking into a microphone.

Many…most…do not.

Here’s a worst-case scenario example.

In case anyone asks, Ron Stevens & Joy Grdnic, who created that little gem, gave me permission to share it with you (and with radio and advertising folks around the world who’ve attended my commercial copywriting workshops).

They created it for their trailblazing radio comedy service, All Star Radio.

So yeah, I definitely have their permission to play this. Still, there’s no point in mentioning it to them. They’re busy people.

Here’s how to handle Clients Who Insist on Voicing Their Own Radio Commercials

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  • Tim Burt September 12, 2017, 1:23 pm

    Absolutely brilliant.