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ACX AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR VIDEO #3: Best Auditions, Taking Control, Accruing Assets

Although this video no longer is available, here’s a free gift for you:

how to narrate audiobooks for ACX and AudibleOur 90-minute audio seminar, “The ACX Audiobook Narrator Insider’s Guide.”

Best practices for ACX profiles

ACX audiobook demo tips

Which genres off the most work for narrators

Union vs. non-union ACX titles

Don’t rely on rumor, urban myths, or out-and-out false information. If you want to get paid to narrate audiobooks, download your free audio seminar here.

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  • Guy February 11, 2017, 3:26 pm

    Question: My software of choice for my VO home studio is TwistedWave. I love it. Is your course dedicated to Audacity, or can I take it and apply the learning while using TwistedWave?

  • Dan O'Day February 11, 2017, 3:30 pm

    @Guy: You can use anything you wish. As far as I know, however, David’s “stairstep technique” works only with Audacity. And, of course, Audacity is free, so if you wanted you could download it and use it solely for audiobooks.

    A while ago we demonstrated the editing technique for a certain well-known VO star, and his two responses were:

    1. “Hey, that’s really smart. I might start using that.”

    2. “I think you’d be able to do that in Adobe Audition, too.”

    But we haven’t had anyone report trying the Stairstep Method on Audition, so…