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One Way To Know Your Radio Commercial Is A Waste Of Money

Hilton Hotel radio commercial First, the radio commercial.

One easy way to identify an worthless radio ad campaign is when you can replace the advertiser’s name with that of any competitor…or even of non-competitors.

In that spot, you could replace “Hilton” with “Hyatt.”

Or with “Marriott.”

Or with “Sheraton.”

Or with “American Airlines.”

Or with “Our Win A Vacation Contest.”

I don’t know how much money Hilton spent to have the commercial produced or how much they spent to run that advertisement on various radio stations.

The only thing I can tell you about the money involved in that radio advertising campaign is it didn’t result in even a single dollar flowing to Hilton.

But the ad agency that created the spot apparently thinks it’s clever.

And the ad agency made a profit on the campaign.

So at least it worked out well for somebody. Just not for Hilton.

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