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Terry Moss

This week I’ve been paying tribute to one of radio’s all-time greats, Terry Moss.

I remember visiting Terry at the new, eerily quiet Hollywood studios of Transtar.

It was a radical new idea: providing 24-hour live, “local-sounding” music programming to radio stations all across the U.S.

Transtar became Unistar, which ultimately was purchased by Westwood One.

Here’s Terry Moss, explaining a concept that now is familiar to everyone in radio but at the time was brand-new and unfamiliar to most of the industry.  

Although this was the genesis of a trend that many radio people now despise, notice how Terry approaches it from the standpoint of a true radio personality, concerned about how to entertain and connect with his listeners.

Tomorrow: A radio personality pop quiz…in which Terry takes a shot at the comedy service I published at the time.

The L.A. Air Force Terry Moss Collection

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