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radio sales voice mail messagesRecently Robert Topping, a radio account manager for Anaheim Broadcasting, attended an online webinar presentation of my Guerrilla Tactics for Getting Your Voice Mail Messages Returned seminar.

In that abbreviated version of my complete audio seminar, I walk account execs through the key psychological components of a good “cold call” message, as well as the importance of scripting your phone message.

I do so knowing that most salespeople don’t script their calls…even though they should.

Afterward, Robert emailed me:

Thanks for your pearls of wisdom this morning. You are truly a “radio sales guru.”
I scratched out this script:
Hello ­­­­­­_________, this is Robert Topping with

Anaheim Broadcasting. I have a unique opportunity for

you to partner with a well-known third party on a

cross-promotion. However, this event is time specific

so a quick response would be appreciated. Please give

me a call back today at 555-255-5555 (pause)

555-255-5555. Robert Topping, Anaheim

Broadcasting. Thank you __________!
Does it pass muster?

Robert graciously gave me permission to share my response here…

Your message should be less generic (it’s deliberately vague, which in this case the recipient can spot), and it’s a mistake to identify your company.

I don’t have any idea what the “opportunity” is, so I’ll make something up….

Hi, (Name), this is Robert Topping at 555-255-5555.

Burger King has asked me to recommend someone to

partner with on a huge promotion, and I

recommended you guys. Can you give me a call back

today? That’s Robert Topping at 555-255-5555.

Thanks, (Name)!

Although I completely rewrote his script, I applaud Robert for doing what so few account execs do: take their job seriously enough to plan exactly what they’re going to say before they hear the “beep!” on the other end of the line.

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