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Yesterday I talked about a valuable radio advertising principle: “Giving people a reason.”

If you didn’t read that piece, you might want to check it out here.

I’m not talking about “giving people a reason to buy.” Rather, I’m referring to the story that explains what makes the wonderful offer you’re making possible.

Here’s another example — the storyline from which a radio commercial script for an accountant could be written (assuming, of course, that the story fits the advertiser’s professional history).

Tax Accountant — “He Misses A Good Fight”

Storyline: Before he became a tax accountant, the advertiser specialized in arguing cases for rich clients in the Internal Revenue Service’s Tax Court. It was very adversarial: just him, defending his client against the might of the I.R.S.

Now, however, he’s settled down to a more relaxed professional practice, handling the accounts of “regular people” like you and me. He enjoys saving money for members of the Smallville business community.

But every now and then, he does miss the adrenalin-rush of single-handedly protecting a client from the clutches of the evil I.R.S.

Bottom Line: Because he spent all those years arguing in Tax Court, he can keep you out of Tax Court.

But still, if you’re one of his clients and the IRS makes the mistake of trying to push you around, he’ll be more than happy to climb upon his white steed, gallop into court, and make protect your honor, your reputation …and your money.

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