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What Radio Program Directors And Managers Need To Know About People Who Work For Them

radio manager tipsIf you are a radio program director, programme controller, or manager, there’s something you need to know:

People cannot read your mind.

Some managers figure they don’t need to praise their staff because “they know I appreciate them.”
Oh, really? If you don’t tell them, exactly how do they know?

All through junior high school and high school I had a classmate named Janis. One of the nicest people I knew.

We always ended up in the same homeroom together, so I saw her every weekday morning for 7 years.

And because her last name started with a “P” and we were seated alphabetically, she usually sat right behind me in class.    
The summer after we graduated from high school, I called her up and asked if she wanted to go to a movie with me.

She said okay, and when I picked her she told me how surprised she was when I called…because she always thought I didn’t like her.
I was flabbergasted! I couldn’t imagine anyone not liking Janis, and I asked whatever gave her that idea.
She said, “Well, whenever you’d come into class in the morning, you’d always be scowling. So I figured you didn’t like me.”
I always liked Janis. I always HATED mornings.
And I assumed she just somehow magically “knew” that I was scowling at having to be awake before 9 o’clock and not at her.
Trust me: The other people in your radio station cannot read your mind.

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