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Recently I wrote about the psychological approach to bring to a radio advertising campaign for laser eye surgery.

The Radio Advertising Advantage member whose consultation sparked that essay also mentioned that the know-it-all advertiser has “locked up the market” with celebrity sports endorsers.

When using a celebrity endorser, you still need to address the benefits and concerns of the targeted consumer…even if only by implication.

I’d select the biggest sports star in the advertiser’s stable and build an entire “addressing the fear without actually saying so” campaign.

Let’s say it’s a Major League baseball pitcher…..


Hi, I’m Famous Pitcher. There are only two things that are more valuable to me than my left arm:  my left eye… and my right eye.

I’ve always had a pretty good arm, but after my first few years in the majors I found myself having to squint to read the catcher’s signals.

I kept hearing about Lasik eye surgery, but I decided to wait until I was confident it was safe.

Finally, after seeing the difference it made for other guys in the league, I made an appointment with Ed’s Laser Eye Clinic.

The first thing they did was determine whether or not I’d be a good candidate for the procedure. Luckily, I was…As are most people who wear glasses.

Do I wish I’d done it sooner? In a way, I guess; I probably would have logged a few more strikeouts. But I’m glad I waited until I was ready.

Want to find out if you’re ready? Call Ed’s Laser Eye Clinic to schedule a completely free consultation at 310-555-5555. That’s 310-555-5555. Why not find out if the time is right for you to see your future?

Of course, the above story must conform to the facts of the endorser’s life.

But what this famous sports superstar is saying is, “I was nervous about this thing, too. If you’ve been thinking about getting laser eye surgery but just aren’t sure — Hey, that’s natural. In fact, it’s smart of you not to have rushed into something like this.”

And the only question for the targeted listener to answer is not “Should I get laser eye surgery?” The question becomes, “Is the timing right for me to get laser eye surgery?”

Much less threatening, much more specific, much more compelling to the target audience.

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  • Neal Angell May 24, 2013, 12:45 am

    You’d have to be as blind as some umpires not to see that’s exceptional copy.

    So many clients in medical professions (whether they’re an eye doctor, dentist, chiropractor, or whatever) have a fear of addressing the subject of fear in their advertisements…as if they believe they will instill that emotion in a potential customer if they dare to mention it. But the emotion is already there! On multiple occasions Dan has mentioned Robert Collier, on entering a conversation the consumer is already having. Any conversation about the prospect of somebody using a LASER on your EYES is going to include the subject of fear…so the advertiser might as well address that subject, openly and honestly.